Tearing Paper for Collage

A few weeks ago, I sent Elizabeth St. Hillaire Nelson some Monsoon Papers. During her collage class, she told several stories about people who sent her papers and how they could show up in a collage of hers. I love sharing Monsoon Papers, so off they went. And then, today, I got an envelope of colored papers back from Elizabeth. Colorful, printed, wild, interesting. And after a week of  paper1doing paperwork and getting the work done, I wanted to play. Perfect excuse! Off to the studio I ran. It’s still got boxes from last week’s demoing I did for Arizona Art Supply. I pushed them aside and got to work.

paper2It felt right to make the same kind of collage we did in class–almost. I inked the backgrounds instead of collaging them. But I did enjoy shading the flowers by using different colors of paper. And I loved ripping into the papers. I still have a little trouble getting the shape right, because I tear left-handed, which can confuse me.

paper3And of course I had to do another pear. I think there are art least two in the book, although I made four. Maybe I’ll frame all the different pears, but meanwhile I have two more loose-leaf journal pages. Now I can use Barbara Abercrombie’s book from yesterday’s review to choose a prompt and fill up the back of the pages!

Hmmm, looking at the pear, I want to take that flower in the center, meant to be a highlight, and push it down one-quarter of an inch. The nice thing about collage is that you can paper over paper.

Thanks, Elizabeth, these papers are already fun!

–Quinn McDonald is a sucker for collage. She’s still working on white-on-white collages, but a burst of color cheers her up. She still has to clean up the studio, though.


9 thoughts on “Tearing Paper for Collage

  1. Aaahhh… such beautiful flowers, they are called poppies if I am correct? You captured the delicacy of their petals. Love your collage!

  2. Thanks for sharing Quinn. I love the shading on the flowers. And I also like the ink on the background. I also like very much the designs in the paper and the way you used them. What fun!

  3. I am fairly new to you but I love the things you share with us and i feel very cared for and held by your gentle way of explaining things. This is just to say thank you. An excellent way to use things up, journal, create and record. I have also ordered Barbara Abercrombie’s book. Thank you again.

    • Awwww, thanks so much. My readers are the best. I get great ideas and we have wonderful discussions. It’s a big creative journey, isn’t it? Elizabeth paints everything that doesn’t hold still–and she has a knack for making random painting very useful when you need just a tiny bit of color.

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