Collage by Numbers

Words and letters are important to me. They shape my world, they help me see what others feel. And I almost always use some version of words in my art.

When I combine the love of collage with the love of letters, I got an interesting result. A collage made entirely of letters. OK, a few numbers, too.


It was in interesting experiment. It was fun to find the small and bold letters and figure out how to use them for detail and shadow.

I don’t want to continue this type of collage, because, odd as it sounds from someone who loves monochromatic work as much as I do, I would miss the color after a while. But meanwhile, I have another pear to add to the collection!

Here are a few other pears I’ve done:

Journal page with Maya Angelou's pear recipe

Journal page with Maya Angelou’s pear recipe

Pears, watercolor pencil on journal page

Pears, watercolor pencil on journal page

Pear on free-standing journal page.

Pear on free-standing journal page.

Pear mosaic on free-standing journal page

Pear mosaic on free-standing journal page

-Quinn McDonald does not feel compelled to move on to apples. Yet.

18 thoughts on “Collage by Numbers

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  2. In the grocery last Thursday, I saw three odd shaped pears and I became fixed on them and inspired by them. My pears are in the fruit bowl, not being photographed and not being painted — just ripening. After looking at your blog today, maybe I just might do some ‘pear art’.
    Thanks, Della

  3. I’m very fond of pears. I often sit a pair on the windowsill and they appear to have conversations. I used to make pottery based on their attitudes. Your pears are great, but I LOVE the one made with letters.

    • I LOVE the idea of conversations between pairs. That’s so funny and cute! And I’m afraid I’ve had some more ideas about the project, and while last night I thought, “OK, no more of those,” I am caught up in an idea and the only way out is through.

  4. What you need is the chromatic alphabet from the synesthetic culture of Peardonia; all their letters were different colors. And all made completely out of pears…

      • Peardonia is a synesthetic culture that differs from ours in many ways. A great concert involves many perfumes, and some people go deaf from overeating. As for books, they don’t print them; they use a variation of Japanese Bonsai to slowly cultivate trees whose leaves are read. In different order each time, depending on the taste of the breeze.

  5. Love your pears! Here in the Pacific Northwest pears are the thing and your pear art is wonderful to see. Is it the shape that draws you to them? I’m glad to see you have more than just the bartlett to inspire you. You should make a trip to the Hood River Valley in the fall when they are harvesting. Now that would be inspiration. Pears on the tree, pears on the ground, pears in bins, in the air, everywhere. You might even get inspired to move on to the apples. There are more varieties than you can paint, mosaic, draw…….you get the idea.
    Beautiful work.

    • We had a pear tree in our yard in D.C. I don’t know what kind it was, but they were crunchy and crisp and not Bartletts. I like them for their uneven shape and the promise of that divine fragrance.And the fact that their color is quite complex. I would love to be in the Hood River Valley in the fall. You make it sound tempting!

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