Designing a Poetry Class

The research is done, and the poetry-writing class is taking shape. It’s going to be an online class, and it’s going to include information and exercises on traditional forms before we explore more free-form styles.

logoAs I was thinking of ways to put it together, I had the bright idea–ask the people who read the blog and who are smart and inventive! So here are some ideas; please leave a comment about what you would want (even if you would not take the class) so I can get some really good ideas for the process part of the class.

1. Should it be work at your own pace, or work in a group with a moderator? (OK, that would be me.)

2. If you want to work in a group, should we meet once a week to exchange ideas or once every two weeks? (There will be homework–you’ll be writing poetry, after all.)

3. What sort of a platform works–Yahoo group, Ning Group, WordPress private blog (only the participants can have access, but anyone can post), combination of lessons posted in one place and a Facebook group? Something else (suggest something you would like).

4. How long should it last? Fives lessons? 10? More?

5. What kind of feedback makes you comfortable? Private emails? Public posting of poetry so we cal all ready it and comment? (There would be rules about commenting on others’ poetry.)

Let me know, I’m looking forward to hearing from my smart and clever comment-leavers. And just to make it more fun, I’ll give away a cool Madeline Island School of the Arts T-shirt to a random comment writer. There is always room for one more 100 percent cotton T-shirt. And I’m excited about teaching the deep-writing and mixed media class this July.

Note: The winner of the T-shirt from the Madeline Island School of the Arts is BirdingBesty! Congratulations!