What’s Next?

My coaching clients know that question: What’s next for you?
So I thought I’d answer that for the blog–what’s coming up in the blog?

The cover of the new book.Yep, that's a piece of my artwork on the front--as an extreme close up. © Quinn McDonald 2013.

The cover of the new book.Yep, that’s a piece of my artwork on the front–as an extreme close up. © Quinn McDonald 2013.

First, some nice news: Amazon.com has the Inner Hero book cover up. And they are taking pre-orders–seven months before the book launch! I’m excited and shaking my head at the same time. OK, I’m more excited.

1. Announcing the winners of the coaching. Did not get to it tonight, will put it at the top of the to-do list for a Saturday announcement.

2. The poetry workshop. Still working on it. And alas, somewhere in Tucson, someone has found the book and the notes in the book for the class. The hand-written ones. The ones that were not yet in the computer.  I have no idea where I vanished it, but I did. Dropped it, left it, forgot it–it’s just as gone one way as another. So I’ve ordered the lost book and two more (I couldn’t resist) and will re-create the notes.

3. Book giveaways. I’m reading through two books for review and give-aways. One will be an art how-to, and the other a coaching book.

4. A few scattered quiet days. I’m re-designing the website and blog site to go with the book launch. It needs to be done, and when I’m doing that, I have set limits how many hours a day I work. Also on that to-do list is the e-book for creating a new habit (from a blog series on walking, meditating and journaling last year). Three big training projects are in the mix–in my life away from the blog. One is due in two weeks, and it’s a big book. The other two are in outline stage. Both need some intensive work.

5. An article about estivating in Phoenix. Estivating is the summer version of hibernating. I have a version of seasonal affective disorder that starts in summer, when being outside is brutal. But there are a few precious moments, and I’m sharing.

–Quinn McDonald is busy, but she’s smiling.