Saturday Surprises

The winners of the free creativity coaching have been notified. Because of my confidentiality rules, the names won’t appear here. Thanks to all of you for participating!

Skywhale, being inflated.

Skywhale, being inflated.

What’s new for Saturday? For a whole new way of thinking about creativity, visit Patricia Piccinini’s site, and read about her amazing hot-air balloon sculpture. Part pre-historic fish, part breast, it was commissioned for a Canberra Centennial. The photos are amazing, beautiful and funny. Of course, I think flying breasts are funny.

Geraldo Feldstein is an absurd super-realist whose work is both familiar and reminiscent of outsider art. His installation work is startling and humorous, and his paintings are spare but rich in color.

Yep, a record. Of wood.

Yep, a record. Of wood.

Amanda Ghassael combines science and art. In this project, she laser cuts a record. It’s entirely playable, but instead of vinyl, it’s made of wood. She also has one of paper.

The world of creativity is large and interesting and not always about painting or mixed media. Enjoy the weekend and  wherever your creative explorations take you!

Quinn McDonald is looking through books for a project. Uh-oh.




4 thoughts on “Saturday Surprises

  1. Oh Quinn, thank you! I watched the video of Patricia Picinini’s fabulous creation taking flight and was entranced . . . and then . . . the memory an early morning flight over Cappadocia in Turkey. What a lovely start to a SUnday morning! Here’s the link, I’d suggest saving it until Sunday morning!

    Oh, and I’d love a Geraldo Feldstein ladder! And those two little guys that point the way through the slideshow of paintings . . . clever touch!

  2. I wouldn’t mind having a set of flying breasts…..gravity has pretty much taken over mine. Ahhhhh… be young again.
    Pretty interesting links you found today, Quinn. I’ll have to share the wood laser record site with my grandson.
    Thanks for the tour.

    • You know, the first thing I thought of when I saw the fish/flying whale/ breast thing was, “wish I could get mine back to where they used to be” and then I noticed that in flight, these were hanging down, too. Yeah. No one wins with gravity.

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