Replacing Google Reader

Google Reader is going away on July 1.  Sigh. Worse, my Google Reader page already vanished.  OK, I had too many blogs, and not enough of the blogs I really wanted to read, but it seemed harsh when it suddenly quit working on me.

It's all in here. © Quinn McDonald, 2013. Ink and collage on etching paper.

It’s all in here. © Quinn McDonald, 2013. Ink and collage on etching paper.

I looked at several other platforms to read blogs, and I am the wrong demographic for them. I don’t want to share blogs I’m looking at on Facebook, and I don’t want to Tweet my comments to bloggers. So I found a site called, appropriately enough,  The Old Reader, which I like. It allows you to scan the images on blogs, rather than have to open each blog in a separate window.

So I’m starting over again, finding new blogs and trying to remember old favorites.  But first, I have that workbook to write and then. . .be still my beating heart, the extra poetry books I ordered arrived today! And the combination of the love of books and the loss of the poetry book seemed to spur the letter collage for today.

Wow, came in under 200 words!

-Quinn McDonald loves making collages out of typography. Among other things.

14 thoughts on “Replacing Google Reader

  1. You might be able to retrieve the content of your Google Reader page here:

    You can use one of my mobile RSS readers if you want…but, um, er, you’d have to find a Symbian phone; that’s what they were written for.

    Not that this is news, but free services (at least on the intertubes) are not to be trusted; the users have no skin in the game and are usually considered part of the product.

  2. I’ve switched to Feedly. When you set it up… you can use your google account sign in. It’ll pull in all your Google Reader blogs. It’ll all be there. It took me a bit to figure it out but they have a good help page. I also have their app on my phone so I can read either there or on my laptop. Give it try, it may work for you.

    By the way… I created a category named *Essentials* and you’re in it! Thanks for all your valuable insights.

  3. I’m with you on the demise of Google Reader. Not a good thing. I will be using it up until the last minute. In the meantime, I am concurrently running The Old Reader, Feedly and Bloglovin’. Don’t like Bloglovin at all. Hoping that Feedly will make some changes and maybe it’ll work better for me. But, The Old Reader is the most promising so far. They’re still working on it and I know it will be better. I just hope they can keep it up. It’s a small crew of young people who are developing this in their spare time. And, doing a good job of it.
    Are you sure about your Google Reader page vanishing? Did you try going to and signing in with your google (gmail) account id?
    I have close to 700 blogs in google reader (no, of course I don’t read them all) and it’s still going strong (as I said, up till the last minute!)
    This all probably means that it’s time for me to weed out and delete some of the blogs.

    • I’ve looked at Feedly and Bloglovin and I have this feeling I’m the wrong demographic–I love to scan through a number of blogs quickly, and read some more carefully. Google Reader let me do that, and so does OldReader, which is why I think they built it that way. I had a lot of blogs on Google Reader, and I truly need to weed out and re-organize. Yes, I did go to Google reader and sign in. That was the first thing I did. It coincided with an incident with my computer in which I also lost all my unsaved or unfiled emails, so I had bigger and more immediate problems to solve. Most of it was my fault, of course!

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