Creative Weekend Links

Note: Congratulations to Jen from Pierced Wonderings–she’s the winner of Eric Maisel’s book, Making Your Creative Mark.  For those who did not win this book, there will be another book give-away this week. Stay tuned!

Need a template for an envelope? You can download several sizes and styles here.

From the studio of Ana

From the studio of Ana Ter Haar.

The street artist Levalet paints on kraft paper with India Ink and then uses wheat paste to attach the scenes in urban areas. The result is interesting black-and-white scenes in startling city settings.

Erdal Inci is an animator who creates using video talents. He develops gifs that are both fascinating and slightly sinister. He clones images of people and then animates them to create mesmerizing repetitive gifs.

Daniel Sierra is a digital video artist who created a video on sine waves–the waves seem to move mildly at first, then they begin to get more alive, flick dust and smoke. His video, Oscillate, is mesmerizing.

Anna Ter Haar designs functional furniture and fashion accessories that drip. Glass. The colors against the wood look both soft and pliable.

Have a creative weekend!

Quinn McDonald is going to spend part of the weekend reading poetry books and searching for a ripe honeydew melon.