Saturday Creative Love

No-fat potato chip.

No-fat potato chip.

Creativity can come in many styles, including cooking. Potato chips are not on any of my menus anymore, until Cooking Man made me some. He sliced washed, raw potatoes on a mandolin, soaked them in cold water, spread them on a paper towel, and cooked them in the microwave. Presto, amazing potato chips! No fat, low calorie and even low carb, as long as I don’t eat a bag full. He got the recipe from another blog, and am I glad! Here is an extra:  low-carb, gluten-free chewy almond bars. I’ve made them twice and they are delish!

Joshua Katz noticed that even though we have cable TV and hear each others languages, we in the U.S. still have different words for the same thing and different pronunciations. So he made 22 maps for different words pronounced different ways. They are fascinating to look at, particularly if you feel strongly about how the word “caramel” is pronounced.

Paddi McDonnell did an article on typographic art. I love typographic art–the subtlety, the cleverness. The portraits (scroll down on the link) are really well done.

BrussPup’s  YouTube channel is a mix of art and sound. He sprinkles sand onto a metal plate and connects it to a speaker that plays various frequencies. The sand vibrates and moves to areas of no frequency (so no shaking) and fascinating patterns are formed.

Mircea Popescu does linocuts. That’s sort of like saying that Bach wrote some music. Her linocuts are so complicated, it is difficult to imagine how she does them, and how she keeps track of the layers. Or the lines.

Have a creative weekend!

–Quinn McDonald is chief curiosity officer of QuinnCreative.