New Books, Demos, Classes

My projects in three new workbooks!

My projects in three new workbooks!

North Light Books (my publisher) has released three books that combine exercises from several popular journaling books–mine among them. The new books are workbooks–with pages of projects followed by blank pages so you can use the book as a workbook. I’m pleased to be in good company and found myself looking at the re-combined projects and exercises with new interest.

The three books are  stART Journaling, Mixed Media Storytelling Workbook, and Doodle Draw Journal. All three books are edited by Kristy Conlin, whose name appears on the cover. All of the authors are recognized in the back of the book, and yes, we will receive royalties from sales.

This month I will be doing lots of demos for Splash Inks at various Arizona Art Supply stores in the Valley. You can see the schedule locations and phone numbers at that link. The demos are free, but seating is limited, so you will need to make a reservation. Here are the dates, if you’d like to come visit and see how the inks work. I’ll be showing how they mix, using stencils with ink-tinted medium for cards,  turning the inks into spray inks for use with stencils, painting, and my favorite, marbling with the inks.

  • Sun City: June 19
  • Tempe: June 22
  • Scottsdale: June 29
  • Phoenix: July 6

More good news: I’ll be teaching three classes at the Phoenix Arizona Art Supply, starting in July. Registration will be up in about a week or so, but save the date if you are interested.

Front view of an accordion folder

Front view of an accordion folder

July 13: Monsoon Papers. In the morning class, we’ll be making Monsoon Papers. I’ve developed some short cuts, fun additions, and ways to bling up the papers. In the afternoon class, we’ll make two projects with the papers. One is an accordion fold journal with interesting embellishments. The other is a holder for loose-leaf pages shaped like little houses. You’ll create four or five houses to put in the accordion folder.

Of course, you'll be writing on those cute little house-pages.

Of course, you’ll be writing on those cute little house-pages.

August 10: Paste Paper. In the morning class, we’ll explore paste papers, colors, textures and different styles of making them. In the afternoon, we’ll make projects with the papers.

September: Loose-leaf journals. We’ll be making and covering 7″ x 10″ (approx. 18 x 24 cm) three-ring binders in the morning, then creating pages on different papers of different sizes in the afternoon. I have to set the date on this one.

Hope to see you around the Valley (greater Phoenix, Arizona)

–Quinn McDonald is happy to be teaching again!


8 thoughts on “New Books, Demos, Classes

  1. Oh, there’s be lots of us saying the same thing, “wish I could be there!”
    I’m about to plan some work with a class of 13 year-olds, and I’m a tad anxious about it, they’d be great resouce! The books, not the kids, although there’ll be wonderful insights from them as well. 🙂

  2. Hi….was going to say exactly the same thing…La la la la la America comes to mind! Would so love to do one of your courses and meet you! Good luck with it all,hope you sell TONS of books,and bear me in mind if you get any spare ones knocking around!! Xxxx
    Ps…new life going well,life story to follow!cxxxxxx

  3. This is the one and only time I can say…”I’m disappointed I don’t live in Arizona”. I’d like to take one of your classes!

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