Saturday Creative Spark

Mehmet Ali Uysal's Ten / Skin © 2012

Mehmet Ali Uysal’s Ten / Skin © 2012

Mehmet Ali Uysal is a Turkish artist with a great sense of humor. He starts with a common object, a clothespin, let’s say, and changes what it does. The reaction is to stop in a space you would never even consider and look, smile, or begin to think about the space and the use of space as we go through life.

Clouds are the perfect symbol of the ephemeral–they appear, disappear, move, cast shadows, change shape and amaze. In the desert, clouds are rare most of the year. In New England, a cloudless day usually makes the news. But what about indoor clouds? Dutch photographer Berndaut Smilde’s creates his own clouds, in beautiful rooms, to otherworldly results.

He has a careful process blending humidity and air flow, but the best thing is watching the cloud drift. If you are in a hurry, it starts at 01:23 in this video.

IBM-Ogilvy2Ogilvy, France (a branch of the original Ogilvy and Mather) created a clever series of billboards for IBM. Normally, billboards are eyesores, something we want to avoid. This series of billboards help city dwellers cope with the environment a bit better. There are billboard benches and ramps, and even a billboard that helps you stay dry if it’s raining. This is a clever blend of creativity and marketing, not offensive, not loud, just simple. Olgivy’s trademark is simple.

Canadian photographer Ulric Collette is fascinated with the familiarities of of family features. In his photographic work, he blends facial halves (right and left) of two related people to show relationships both physical and photographic.  Some of the photographs are startling, but the one that fascinated me the most was the combined image of the two brothers in row six, right side. Amazing family resemblance.

Have a creative weekend!

–Quinn McDonald is amazed at the ability of art to transport.