Saturday Creative Links

OK, I need to admit I am a science geek. My first job out of college was teaching biology. And I still love the connection between science and creativity. I’m a sucker for the Fibonacci sequence, Phi, and Golden Geometry.

Vivian Hart, known as ViHart on You Tube, has a way of combining math and creativity in ingenious ways. Here’s a video with her explaining the Fibonacci sequence and how to draw a spiral while being photo-bombed by an artichoke.

Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen are collaborating in Brooklyn, New York and they are making trees out of paper. Big trees. People are dwarfed under

Tree by Kavanaugh and Nguyen

Tree by Kavanaugh and Nguyen

the structures, which can also look like veins and arteries in paper and wood.

It’s the scale that is surprising, although we are not surprised by big forests. But this combination of art and nature is stunning.

You’ve seen the white buckets at construction sites and at the side of the road. The white bucket holds paint, cement, and eventually, holds garbage and becomes garbage. Except to Jason Peters. He gathered them up and turned them into giant, winding installations. The buckets are lit from within, either in color or with natural light, striped and sinuous.

Jason Peters installation

Jason Peters installation

The images are fascinating and airy. One man’s art is another man’s garbage. The difference is creative vision.

Kirsten Hassenfeld creates gems in Brooklyn.  Seen in soft light, these gems seem to be fragile and detailed. Once you see that these gems are made of paper–light and translucent–you fall in love with them.

KH-2The spatial relationship of a group of these gems is both intricate and intense.The images look drawn in shadow and light.

Have a wonderfully creative weekend.

—Quinn McDonald is doing a demo at the Scottsdale location of Arizona Art Supply on Saturday. She loves involving people in creative joy.