Featuring #4: Giveaway

FcoverNote: Congratulations to Kristin Freeman who won the magazine! I used a random number generator to choose the winner. Thanks for reading the blog, Kristin!

The fourth Featuring magazine arrived from the Netherlands, so it’s time for a giveaway. The magazine’s focus is on international art journaling, expressive arts and mixed media.

There is an article about Maria Prados, a Spanish artist and her combination of photography and painting. Maria is fascinated by the immediacy of photography and her painting adds the inspiration of the moment to it.

Miranda Robb from Blueberry Muffin Studio is featured in an article on the benefits of art journaling. She called it “inexpensive therapy” and that made me smile. (Looking at my studio, I’m not at all sure it’s that inexpensive, Miranda!) The article has some beautiful illustrations from her journal.

FearJulie Elman knows fear. And she knows about others fears, too. As an associate professor at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University she sees the people who participate in her Fear Project and who admit to having lots of fear. The article is fascinating in several ways–the content, the breadth of the artwork, and the topic–not what you’d find in a run-of-themill art magazine.

Tammy Garcia (of Daisy Yellow) has a page on creative change–which is about perspective and gathering ideas. You won’t want to miss her perspective and some very interesting tips.

Lexi Dali and Marjorie Schick are featured in an article on wearable Fartart–sculpture in which the wearer becomes part of the art and still uses the beautifully crafted work as jewelry or adornment. One of the benefits of Featuring is that the Marit Barentsen, Editor-in-Chief, allows the stories to develop and includes enough photographs to enrich the effect fully.

The magazine is generously sized, 74 pages plus a cover. I loved the artwork of St. Petersburg artist Aleksandra Kabakova–it’s minimal and spare and still expressive and evocative.

There is much, much more in the magazine, from people you will recognize and about art to drool over.)


The spare graphic art of Aleksandra Kabakova

I’m giving away one of my copies. Because the magazine is less expensive to ship in Europe, the drawing is for North America this time. Leave a comment and I’ll include you in the drawing to be announced on this Saturday, July 6. You won’t want to miss this one! And if you don’t win the copy, you can order one for yourself here.


43 thoughts on “Featuring #4: Giveaway

  1. That is wonderful, would love to get this magazine. I lived in The Netherlands for 10 years before the US….time to get back to reading more in this area

  2. how cool is this! and your generosity to give it away!
    pick me!! gonna go explore your links now! Thanks!

  3. Quinn…thanks so much for the exposure to Featuring. This looks like an awesome magazine. I can’t wait to have one in my hands.

  4. I would love to win a copy of Featuring, especially interested in the article on the fear project. I always enjoy your posts, lovely deep musings.

  5. I would love a chance to win a copy! I have 1-3 but couldn’t order this time.
    It is a refreshingly different magazine.

  6. I just did my first linocut and loved the stark black and white image. Would love to have a copy of Featuring with the Aleksandra Kabakova article. First, I read from back to front, then I start at the front and go through again. Do others do that? I love the ads in the back!

  7. I just tried my first linocut and loved the stark black and white image it produced. I would love to have the copy with Aleksandra Kabakovals art. I read from back to front. Do others do that? Then I start at the front and go all through the whole pie again.

  8. Hey wait a minute, are you saying you’re giving this magazine to some unsuspecting artist AFTER you’re already drooled on it?? πŸ™‚

    • I am a magazine freak. I love magazines. Paper magazines. And start-ups fascinate me. When I found a start-up magazine, I was enchanted. When it was smart, well-done and thorough, I was delighted.

  9. This sounds like a fabulous magazine full of much-needed inspiration. It would be amazing to receive a copy. I have read your blog regularly for a few years and love how open and honest you are about your work and struggles and how you bounce through everything with such joy.

  10. This looks like such a great magazine; one that covers topics that truly resonate with me at this place in the journey with exploration on paper. I would love to win a copy and have saved the link to order one after you draw the winner’s name.


  12. Wow, this issue of Featuring Magazine looks and sounds fantastic. Thanks for your blog! I look forward to reading it daily.

  13. I’ve been hearing about this magazine, which looks quite wonderful. I would love to win a copy and see what it is all about. But I really should just start subscribing I guess. πŸ™‚

    • It’s a small magazine, printed in small editions. It’s not available for subscriptions–yet. It will be soon, I believe. It costs me as much to have it shipped as to buy the magazine. I don’t care. It’s worth it.

  14. Thank you for the update on this magazine. Being in Australia, I know little about the art scene in Europe so I would love to receive this edition. Thank you for exposing me to this big world of art.

  15. Featuring #4 looks chock full of interesting articles. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. I appreciate it! As always, thanks too for posting such interesting topics on your blog. You sure do have a “way with words.

  16. I would love to win this magazine, I have always wanted to see one in person. I love Daisy Yellow and would love to see her article. Thanks for the opportunity! Make it a great day! I’m going to try.

  17. I almost sent comment yesterday about what an incredible writer you are. It was your post about the firefighters. Not sure why I didn’t – everyone should know how much people appreciate them. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your incredible talent. Happy day to you! p.s. – I love arty mags!

  18. Beautiful artwork, I would really love to read the article on wearable art. Thank you for your generosity, you have a beautiful sharing heart. Your posts always inspire me.

  19. Would love to see the article on the artist who paints on photos. I’ve done some of that, and Holly Roberts here in the US has made a career of that with her intriguing work. The Fear Project sounds intriguing as well.

  20. Good Morning Quiinn. You have made this magazine sound so good that now I really want it… can I live without it? Maybe, but now I don’t want to. Thanks again for your wonderful and stimulating start to my days.

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