Ink, Gloss Gel, and Paper

Here are some results of some fun I had today demonstrating Splash Inks. The inks are pigment inks and come in Cyan (blue), Magenta, Yellow and Black.

1. Stencils. Put 2 Tablespoon of regular gel on a piece of parchment. Put four drops of blue Splash Ink on the gel and blend with a palette knife.

2. Divide the gel into three portions, and add three drops of yellow to one of  the blue gels.  Blend to create green. Put two drops of magenta into the other blue gel to create purple. You will now have gels in blue, green, and purple.

3. In a separate tablespoon of gel, mix in Pearl-Ex powder in Solar Gold.

feathers4. Place a feather stencil on a piece of paper that is wider than the stencil. Starting with the bottom of the stencil, drag gel across the stencil with a palette knife. Add blue, green and then purple in different places on the stencil. When the surface is smooth, make sure the blank paper area also gets color, especially the gold.

Remove the stencil and immediately place it in a bucket of water to keep the gel from setting. When the print dries, it can be cut into pieces for cards, or used as a card on its own.

Using the same colors as above and a palette knife, swirl the colors over a piece of mixed media paper. Allow the gel to be about 1/8″ thick. Pick up a smaller piece of paper and place it on the first. Tap the smaller piece into place, then carefully lift one corner and pull the two pieces of paper apart. Both pieces will have color and a great texture.


Marbling: I’ll give step-by-step instructions another time, but marbling paper works well. You can use this as a background for a journal page, to create gift tags, or for collage.

marblingAs does marbling fabric. This is a piece of cotton. I ironed it to heat set the colors.

fabric2You can dye larger pieces of fabric for clothing. I still have some work to do to see how it works with non-natural fibers, and to see how it stands up to repeated washing and bleaching. I’ll be teaching this type of marbling on October 19 at Arizona Art Supply in Phoenix.

What a fun demo it was–thanks to everyone who showed up and filled up the room!

–Quinn McDonald loves playing with inks. She is moving on to suminagashi, just to see what happens.