Saturday Link Hop

Kerry Miller re-imagines books. She imagines them without words. Using just the illustrations already in the book, Miller removes the type and then re-arranged the carefully removed illustrations to re-create a different book.


She may add color if it is needed, but the rest of the impressive work comes from careful cutting and arranging the book’s illustrations.

Remember the Oliver Sachs books on synesthesia? It was called Musicophilia. Synesthesia is a disease in which the brain is rewired to allow one sense to be interpreted by another. Numbers appears as colors. Conversations as smells. You can see how fast it gets interesting.


Designer Raphaël Pluvinage turns synesthesia into an art form. He makes jellies that create electronic noise. And yes, he calls them Noisy Jellies.

You mold jelly with certain salts in them. You then place them on a board attached to a computer and touch the jelly and it makes noise. Vary the ingredients, vary the sound. You can also vary the song by how you touch the jelly. So the kit comes with powders labeled “bass” and “scratch.”

I’d love to spend a day in his brain and see what the world looks like through his eyes.

In 1612, Pendle Hill in England was not a safe place. A witch trial took place and 10 people were hanged as witches. Phillippe Handford became interested in the area not just because of the witches, but because the trees in the area were illegally cut down.

Philippe-Handford-installation7Phillippe decided that the trees needed healing. Using wood from similar trees, he creates metal frames that hold wood slices to look as if they have been re-attached to the trunks. The trees seem to be resting rather than uprooted.

–Quinn McDonald is on her way to Madeline Island. She hopes you are having a creatively fascinating weekend.