Managing the Future

A few days ago, I talked about a to-do list as a way of focusing on what needs doing now and not letting the rest of your work make you feel overwhelmed.

5-Tips-for-Speeding-up-Site-Loading-Time-without-Pricier-Hosting-650x365I discovered another tip as I was racing around the last two days before I left for Madeline Island. I had an impressive to-do list that needed to be done before I left. The harder I worked, the longer it got. Overwhelmed was coming back for a visit, when I took another look at the list and cut its head off.

A good slice of the list didn’t really have to be done before I left. So I started a page in my work journal called “things to do when I get back” and everything that wasn’t pressing went on that list. Pay bills? Do it before I leave. Send in the contract for a class I’m teaching next February? That can wait. Do laundry? Has to be done so I can pack. Those approved article for the blogs I ghost? Well, the approval had to be done, but sending them to the client could confuse the issue. So it can wait.

At the end of the long, hot day, I had a lot accomplished so I can enjoy the retreat, and a to-do list ready to go when I come back. No more overwhelm.

–Quinn McDonald is looking forward to deep writing of her own.





2 thoughts on “Managing the Future

  1. I do that too. Sometimes I start a new to-do list from the stuff left on the old one. There are only so many hours in the day and stuff happens. I get over zealous on occasion too (who me?) and my list gets too long. I still have a list from three days ago that has stuff on it that isn’t done. It’s sitting on my counter waiting for items to be struck off. Maybe today….

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