New Territory

imageSometimes when you are traveling, you know you aren’t anywhere close to home.   The landscape doesn’t just look different, it looks foreign. In my case it was in a good way. Broadleaf trees, green fields, acres of corn. An eagle in a tree.

I remembered all these images as if they were a long time the past, almost like a reflection in a window that you just walked by.

Waking up to cold, fresh air surprised me. Wearing a jacket in July feels odd. Like all new things, I am waiting to see if it fits. Tomorrow morning, when I step into a classroom on Madeline Island, I think it will fit and feel just fine


5 thoughts on “New Territory

  1. Thank you for the beautiful sunset picture! I used to love sunsets where we lived in Northwest Alabama. Here in the Smokies we still have sunsets, of course, but the mountains I love tend to obscure large portions of them! The colors you captured are magnificent.

  2. You are going to look the tourist walking around in a jacket in July!
    During cherry harvest we have lots of workers from south of us that come to our area to work. They are wearing long sleeves and boots and yes, sometimes jackets. They stick out among our northwest garb of shorts and sandals. My goodness! It’s close to one hundred degrees here.

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