Saturday Link Love

BraunPainting6Judith Ann Braun uses her fingers to paint. But she doesn’t fingerpaint. She uses her fingers dipped in graphite to paint. Her fingers leave a specific fingerprint which she drags to create light and dark areas.

For many of her drawings she uses both hands to create a perfectly symmetrical image. She has a collection called Fingerlings that shows not only symmetry, but also shading. I spent considerable time on her website with my jaw dropped.

Carl Warner sees the world as . . .something else. He has a series of landscapes of food, including the Great Wall of Pineapple, below:

UB-Great-Wall1But the ones that intrigue me are the landscapes made of body parts. Not creepy, but rather elegant and, if you live in the desert, beautifully realistic.

The-Cave-of-Abdo-menClick on that landscape to see it much larger and enjoy the Abdomen cave.

On flickr, the artist strng does an interesting collage of unlikely objects and images. Flowers and human musculature.


The anatomy of a hand as a botanical drawing. Squids and roses. Guns and birds. Some of it is disturbing, some beautiful, and all of it compelling.


Have a creative weekend!

-Quinn McDonald is fascinated with other people’s interpretation of art.