Online Poetry Class Starts August 11

Welcome to Jungle Gym for Monkey Mind, the online poetry class I’ve been working on for months!

plantpoemWhether you like short poems you can read in one breath, imaginative ones that set your creative force free, poetry that make you scream in recognition, vent your rage, anger and hurt. Poetry does all that, and we are going to do it in this class.

Six Weeks of Poetry Writing to Link Soul, Brain, Hands through Words. In six weeks we will get into poetry—the guts of it, the meaning-making expressive force, and fuel our writing with force or controlled breath, imagery and power.

When Does it Start? How Long Will it Last? We will start with a lesson posted on Sunday, August 11, 2013. For six Sundays, there will be a lesson posted. (See schedule below). Sunday, September 15, there will be no lesson. (It’s the weekend of Yom Kippur, excellent for reading and thinking about poetry).

Will There Be Homework? Yes, and you have a lot of freedom to interpret the homework the way that makes sense for you.

What’s the Content?

  • August 11: What is poetry, anyway, and can I learn how to write it? (Getting started. You’ll start writing a poem today)
  • August 18: Short poems (haikus, limericks, epigrams)
  • August 25: Imagery and language (the jungle gym part)
  • September 1: What do I write about? (the monkey mind part)
  • September 8: Poem Design (revising, sound, length and punctuation)
  • September 22: Writing to Remember, Writing to Forget ( Poetry that heals you)

Example of found poetry, another way of writing poetry.

What’s the format? Most people feel comfortable with a private Yahoo group, so that’s what I’m using.

How do I join? What is the price?
Price is $60 for the six-week course. A portion of the cost will be used to provide fresh, clean water to the homeless population of Phoenix. I always use a portion of online class funds for charity.

1. Go to the Workshop page on my website. Scroll down till you see the class (and the page with the seedling growing out of it) and PayPal button.

2. Click on the PayPal Button. Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you an invitation to join the group. Invitations are sent out each evening. The invitation will not be from QuinnCreative, but from PoetryWriting2013, a Yahoo Group. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it.

3. The welcome details are already up, waiting for you!

Come join me for a six-week adventure in poetry exploration! And yes, you can use color, paint, and collage to create your poems!