Saturday Link Love

Andrew Hayes has two great loves–pulp books (or at least their pages) and smooth, cool metal. He chose to combine them into sculptures that contrast hard and soft, permanent and easily destroyed.

© Andrew Hayes

© Andrew Hayes

23The ease and almost weightless grace make these very pleasing to look at. I’ve love to touch them.

The sculptures are sensual and curved and quite beautiful. It combines altering books with metal sculpture.

Stencils and spray paint are the medium of the artist Above, who creates street art. Above works with shadows and electrical lines and integrates artwork into the surroundings.

© Above

© Above

The image above shows a long line of people, defeated and waiting. It’s outside an unemployment office in Spain, a country that has a high rate of unemployment.

© above

© above

Here, Above painted white paint over a wall defaced with graffiti, then added the figures to make it an unhappy school day.

The artist Mossi is interested in mark making–that sounds startlingly undefined.



But the marks are made with colored pens, meticulously used. The resulting mask-like figures are built on layers of lines and varying colors, which blend into each other and overlap each other.

© Mossi

© Mossi

At first I thought the lines were words, but it is all graphic. And the lack of words is also interesting, detailing smooth lines and connecting shades of meaning.

Have a creatively magical weekend!

-Quinn McDonald is a writer and artist. She loves knowing what other people think when they make their art.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Link Love

  1. Reblogged this on stonechat and commented:
    I have been wondering if our different mediums represented at Stonechat could be combined in some way: stone, wood, metal textiles, hard and soft, malleable and fixed. In this post from Quinn Creative (always such interesting meaty posts) a sculptor who combines paper and metal

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