Saturday Creative Links

Generally I list art or creative projects on Saturdays. Today, I’m including a set of interesting maps on interesting topics. I’m a map fan, and wonder why people make maps and how they decide on the topic and how they do the research and come up with the information that leads to a map.


The Washington Post has a list of 40 maps about the world. Taken separately, they show a variety of world conditions, but taken in groups, they tell a fascinating story of history and beliefs. The one above shows the countries in which people are more emotional (purple) and less emotional (yellow).

audemoreausugarcarpet4Aude Moreau made a carpet. Not so unusual. Even intricate carpets have been woven for millenia. But this carpet is a bit different. It’s made from two tons of sugar. Dued only in black and red, using the white of the sugar as a color. Moreau’s artwork was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, but meticulously restored. Water damage on sugar carpets must be particularly destructive.

Not a fan of white sugar? William Lamson build a solarium out of panels of cooked sugar–turned into different shades of brown. Each panel is made from sugar heated to different temperatures for a deeper or paler shade of amber.


The space is both a greenhouse for citrus trees and a meditation center. Panels on both ends of the house open to allow for the flow of air.

Have a creatively fascinating weekend!

–Quinn McDonald no longer eats sugar, but she would like to see these.