Time to Plan that Dream

You have a plan, you have to-do lists, and you are always one step ahead, asking “What’s next?” “What’s the next step?” But over the weekend, as I talked to a lot of creatives, the thing I didn’t hear often was, “I give myself time to think about what I really want to do, and then plan a path to get there, then evaluate it.”

Just a Dream by Enrico Agostoni

Just a Dream by Enrico Agostoni

That part where we dream a plan, try it on, see if it fits, revise it, and then create it, that part is often missing.

We decide one step ahead, we do it. We do a lot of moving ahead, actions, pushing forward, but there is not often time to dream and then re-shape the dream into a plan that makes sense for what we want.

We listen to clients, we listen to our budget, we listen to safety. We compare our dream to the success we wish we had, and we always fall short.

When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself what you wanted, what you are really good at, what you ache to do? In fact, have you ever asked yourself that? We do what we have to, we put our shoulder to the wheel and our nose to the grindstone. And it’s awfully hard to have vision that way.

Not every vision is a great one, or even a good one. But every vision deserves the time it takes to think it through. And often, we don’t give it that. We just do the next thing that needs doing–laundry, a marketing plan, bill paying, equipment buying. And while that jumbled order gets something done, it’s often not the work we are called to do.

There are many ways to build a business, but the first step is to have a vision. A complete vision. One that you can describe and explain. And that’s the wonderful place to start. Write it down. Because if you don’t, it won’t be there tomorrow for you to create.

Quinn McDonald spent time on an airplane, dreaming.

15 thoughts on “Time to Plan that Dream

      • I´ve been reading just a bit about the stages of women´s lives. Confession time: I was quite disappointed the idea was a fairly new one, only last century´s. Due to the longer life expectancy the Maiden, Mother, Crone cycle has been added a new stage in between Mother and Crone which is cool, as I was so not ready for that last one. 😀

  1. This is definitely something I really, really should do but usually my inner critic gets the better of me. Especially this summer and autumn. If I had the money, I would hire you in a blink. Seriously. I could use a few good women to stand in my ranks. But reading your blog helps a lot too. 🙂

    • This step, of leaving room to see the way through to a bigger whole, rather than just the next step, has turned out to be hugely important to having a satisfying iife. Without it, life is filled with checking off the to-do list. Dreaming is serious work!

  2. I’ve often had the feeling that I’m *supposed* to plan things out first, to pick an inspiring goal and let nothing dissuade me from it. To think things through first, then do them. But for me that’s limited to a project. Like building a fire pit somewhere in a vast landscape. Blazing a trail through the landscape? Nah, I’m mostly just wandering around picking up shiny rocks to see what’s underneath.

      • Following the advice of my attorney, I decline to comment on any fires that may or may not have started in my vicinity, if I was in fact present, which I was not, and furthermore I was not attempting to formulate rocket fuel for a rocket that may or may not have subsequently achieved an altitude in excess of 5,000 feet, if in fact it existed, about which I also have no comment.

  3. I’ve been guilty of letting the rush of life make me decide I have not time for such things all summer. But I’ve just teamed up with a like-minded friend and we are doing all kinds of visioning and brainstorming. Having a buddy makes me accountable. It’s wonderful. And thanks for a wonderful post.

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