Gelli Plate Love

Monoprints are so much fun, done on a Gelli plate. I’ve been having fun with masks and layers:

FlowerPrintThe first print was a flower on a fall-colored background. Co-Mo Sketch paper was the substrate, and it’s not really designed for the heavier work.

LeafPrintI stayed with the same color family do start this branch of leaves print. The batik-y look is appealing to me.

BranchesPrintThis layer of color for the branches covered with a lighter layer on top is the reverse of what is expected. The contrast is fun, a combination of fall and the winter to come.

HousesPrintThis group of houses on a windy hill with woods was fun to make. I”m working on adding some recognizable elements into abstract designs. It’s a wonderful challenge that allows for a lot of experimentation. And experimentation is what creativity is about.

Have a creative week!

Quinn McDonald should have been making samples for upcoming classes, but the Gelli plate sang to her and she digressed.

8 thoughts on “Gelli Plate Love

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  2. Fabulous! I bought a gelliplate a few weeks ago, but haven’t had the time to really experiment with it yet. Soon I hope. I have done prints from just a sheet of acetate and that gave some cool results too. I love these, especially the one with the houses.

  3. I read a really good tip for the gelli plate in a Brit magazine–if your paint starts drying too quick make the first layer of paint on the Gelli plate a dab or two of acrylic glaze medium to give you more working time.

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