Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

Listening to your journal is a skill  often neglected by the very people who would benefit from it. We write a lot in our journals, but then we close the covers, put them on the shelf and forget about the wisdom we just wrote. We are used to writing, asking to be heard–praying for answers. But we often miss the answer when it shows up. And it will show up. That’s one of the benefits of  journaling.

From the website, Business Trends.

From the website, Business Trends.

For a while, all the writing is pouring out of you in an endless flow. One day, you will find yourself thinking about what you are writing–the words aren’t pouring out on their own. You are paying attention. And all of a sudden, you write something interesting. Profound. An answer to a question you had. You are now in a deep connection to your own wisdom or a wisdom of your Inner Hero.  You have tunneled deep enough to be away from the distraction, and you just dug up an important truth, courtesy of channeling your Inner Hero. Your Inner Hero gives you permission to dream up solutions.

Truth is surprising. We recognize it and blink. Sometimes we wish it were something else. But the flash of recognition is the key. You will know. Maybe it’s not the answer you had hoped for, but maybe it’s exactly what you need.

journalYour pen may race on, while your mind chews on the answer. You may not want to listen, but you will. You will be drawn back to those words, that flash of recognition. It can be an answer, a key to an answer, or simply a truth you have not believed before. Because you could not.

And there it is, on the page in front of you. Underline it. Save it. You may have to finish your thought, your paragraph, your page, but the answer is right there.

You have created the start of a habit. A habit of writing and listening. And when you listen, you’ll find answers. You might have to write a long time to learn to trust yourself, but once you start to listen, you will hear your answers.

-Quinn McDonald is the author of the upcoming The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal, to be published by North Light this coming December.

22 thoughts on “Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

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  3. Those BFOs, Blinding Flashes of the Obvious, often turn up when I’m writing or else when I’m just sitting and allowing thoughts to come and go without interference or attending to them. There are many entries that start off much the same way, extracting myself from perfectionist leanings, and moving on to more positive climes. The quicker I do this the more likely I am to gain insight on some issue.

    Great post Quinn.

    • Thanks, Wendy. The same thing happens to me. The more I try to pry wisdom out of the journal, the more is hides. But always at the corner of my eye, it’s clear. So I wait for the flash and don’t look for it. Always interesting.

  4. Quinn,
    This is one of my favorite benefits of keeping a journal: getting that flash of insight, that guiding word, that understanding of just what to do. Inner Wisdom is more apt to show up when we give it ink; and shows up when we least expect it. Perhaps expecting it more often will encourage more revelation!

    I have chosen your post, Listen to Your Inner Wisdom, for the #JournalChat Pick of the Day on 10/22/13. I will share a link on my website, in my weekly Refresh Journal, and on the social networks.

    Our topic this Sunday, 4 EST/1 PST, for #JournalChat Live is Your Journaling: What You Expect as we discuss creating a positive vibe in our journals by recording what happened that made us happy or proud to encourage more of that life experience!

    Quinn, you never fail to hit right at the heart of why journaling matters. Making meaning is your specialty.

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring

  5. I´m listening, but I´m not saying anything new. *Paula looks at pen quizzically and wonders if she needs to buy a new one that writes new things*

  6. Can’t wait for your new book,have failed to win anything in competitions,but will keep trying! I will put you on my Christmas list!
    Got the first one,looking forward to the second,look forward to your words everyday,always perk me up and get me thinking ,thanks for all your hard work….x

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