How to Drive Your Trainer Crazy

It’s been a long week. I’m a patient person, for the most part, but there are some things that make me believe this is my last time around in reincarnation.

from "Silly Daddy" :

from “Silly Daddy” :

Just like autumn is vibrant with color because Mother Nature is squeezing the last of her colors out onto the trees, my life is so incredibly colorful because this must be my last reincarnation.

I have a rich and colorful life, which I tried to fight, then just turned into journal fodder. In the last two weeks:

—-A student has come to class over an hour late and asked, as he breezed in, “Did I miss anything?” I did not say (although I wanted to), “Nope, not a thing, we were just hanging out waiting for you to start our life for today.”

—Another late-comer slumps in her seat, and at lunch declares she has no book. When I hand her one, she asks if I’ll fill out everything we’ve done up to that point while she goes to eat lunch. When I demur,  she gets angry. “It wasn’t my fault I was late, and now you are blaming me for it.” Well, good to know. I wonder whose fault it was that she was late–and will that person please show up to fill in the workbook for Ms. Late?

—Another student spends her whole time texting. When I ask her to wait for break, she tells me she is listening to every word and can multi-task. Two minutes later I call on her, and she slowly lowers her phone and says, “You’d better re-cap that for me.” She should have capped it the first time.

—-Three students didn’t wear their teeth to class. At least one of them had teeth,

as they were right next to the water bottle. When I couldn’t understand an answer, he suggested I might need a hearing aid. At break, I asked him to wear his teeth or put them away, something I never thought I would ever have to ask. He explained that they were his eating teeth, and he needed them for his lunch. Oh. Well, then.

My journal is full for this week. I hope your week was not quite as colorful

-Quinn McDonald is a trainer. She would not trade her life for any other.


25 thoughts on “How to Drive Your Trainer Crazy

  1. WHY would someone take their teeth out? “eating teeth”? Doesn’t he also have “speaking teeth”? How about MANNERS? I am assuming this is one of your “How to get back to work” classes? And now we know WHY these people are out of work. I have to admit – years ago I taught a word processing class and had a guy take his glass eye out and polish it up and then stick it back in. People are weird. All of us.

  2. I’m still blown away by the teeth on the table. Maybe you should bring those walking windup teeth to your classes and put them next to YOUR water bottle! Thanks for such a great laugh and what I fear might just be my next ‘stuck in a class with who knows what’ nightmare!

  3. Great funny post. I was 10minutes late for class today and although I blame myself, I will remember this and be 5 min early next time

  4. Much chuckling here. I think these same people, or their relatives, turn up anytime you work with the public and as for their children!

    I think the oddest question I have even been asked, and I answered with a straight face, was when I was selling tickets in a theatre.
    “What time does the 2 o-clock session start?”
    “2 o-clock.”

    • I love that. And I admire you for keeping a straight face. When someone says something like asking me if I need a hearing aid, when they aren’t wearing their teeth, I play it absolutely polite and straight. “My hearing is fine, I just seem to have a little trouble understanding you.”

  5. This blog is one of your most entertaining yet! I laughed and cried for you. I agree with all the comments posted to this point and I think you should send the book to Pete.

  6. I swear, you have big magnets all over your body to attract weird, goofy, interesting, and unbelievable people. Uh oh, what does that say about me, HA! You should write a book about your day-to-day experiences, it would be on the NY Times Bestseller List for sure.

    Thanks for the many laughs!

    • Oddly enough, these people are all assigned to my class without knowing who is going to teach that day. Sometimes people know I’m teaching. But I do seem to attract a lot of people who need attention in different ways.

  7. Now this was just too funny! How boring life would be if an unexpected moment didn’t creep in every now and then!

    And the suggestion that you may need a hearing aid — well, I’m still laughing at that one!

    • It’s not as rare as you might think. I’ve learned a whole lot about people since I started teaching–and while I teach a huge variety of people, it is not always the under-served who behave badly. Quite the opposite.

  8. hahahaha – sorry, taking your teeth out is a bit over the top.

    I would totally make every possible sarcastic remark when it comes to those people. And flunk them as they deserve. Or send them outside to text. I would probably smack them upside the head too. 😉

    • I can’t flunk them, as i do not have that authority. I have often wanted to smack them with a frozen carp, though. But, at the end, I realize that compassion is the only way to walk through this. For reasons I can’t explain (as it would give a hint to my client’s identity, and I never do that),I think of it as a compassion-builder for me. It doesn’t always work, but it’s all I have.

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