Versatile Container

When I was younger and determined not to get older, I swore I would never carry one of those awful pill containers that just shrieked, “I can’t remember what days to take my pills!” It made me feel decrepit just looking at it.

pillboxTime has changed my mind, of course. I now find it convenient to take the container with me when I travel, rather than rooting around in a ziplock bag and pulling out the pills I need. And when I travel, it’s all about convenience.

I now cheerfully carry my vitamins in exactly such a container, take it to breakfast with me when I’m on the road, and take the pills for the day. Then I drop the container in the backpack and forget about it till the next day.

Now I’ve acquired another labeled pill container. It holds my earrings/pins/ring for the day. And since I plan out my clothing (in order to look professional while keeping the baggage to a minimum) I need to plan the accessories. By pre-planning what I wear and coordinating jewelry with it, I don’t forget either the outfit or the accessories. And there isn’t room to tangle in the box.

watercolor-pill-box-300It gets worse. I discovered that the better pill containers make great watercolor holders. Squeeze in some tube colors, leave the container open until they dry, and reconstitute the paint in the hotel room with a few drops of water.

Listening to politicians claim they have never changed their mind, and try to make that a virtue, has always confused me. True, I never thought I’d own three pill containers, but I’m glad I got smart enough to get over it.

-Quinn McDonald lives in a suit by day, and does art in hotel rooms at night–at least when she’s traveling.  She thinks watching TV is overrated even on a hotel flat screen.