Versatile Container

When I was younger and determined not to get older, I swore I would never carry one of those awful pill containers that just shrieked, “I can’t remember what days to take my pills!” It made me feel decrepit just looking at it.

pillboxTime has changed my mind, of course. I now find it convenient to take the container with me when I travel, rather than rooting around in a ziplock bag and pulling out the pills I need. And when I travel, it’s all about convenience.

I now cheerfully carry my vitamins in exactly such a container, take it to breakfast with me when I’m on the road, and take the pills for the day. Then I drop the container in the backpack and forget about it till the next day.

Now I’ve acquired another labeled pill container. It holds my earrings/pins/ring for the day. And since I plan out my clothing (in order to look professional while keeping the baggage to a minimum) I need to plan the accessories. By pre-planning what I wear and coordinating jewelry with it, I don’t forget either the outfit or the accessories. And there isn’t room to tangle in the box.

watercolor-pill-box-300It gets worse. I discovered that the better pill containers make great watercolor holders. Squeeze in some tube colors, leave the container open until they dry, and reconstitute the paint in the hotel room with a few drops of water.

Listening to politicians claim they have never changed their mind, and try to make that a virtue, has always confused me. True, I never thought I’d own three pill containers, but I’m glad I got smart enough to get over it.

-Quinn McDonald lives in a suit by day, and does art in hotel rooms at night–at least when she’s traveling.  She thinks watching TV is overrated even on a hotel flat screen.


27 thoughts on “Versatile Container

  1. Dear Quinn-
    Had to laugh! I have been carrying a pill container for years so not to forget the vitamins that give me energy to accomplish everything I want to do. I pride myself on being able to think outside the box (no pun intended) for versatile uses of items, however, I would never have thought of putting watercolors in them. Thank you!

  2. If you didn’t need to take any medication you might not have made this wonderful discovery! I love the idea of keeping a little paint in one, nice and tidy, easy to pick up and use anywhere, like the beach. It epitomises the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

    And remember, that wise mother of mine told me you don’t start getting old until you’re 80 and at 96 she only thought she might be old at 100.

  3. I too use the pill containers–one for AM and one for PM. They are so much handier than carrying those burdensome pill bottles around! AND….one of my great joys in life is repurposing things–finding uses for them for which they weren’t really intended. Kudos for the watercolor idea. Now go walk around Lowes and see what you can find that you can use for something not imagined!

    • And lucky for me, I change, too. I see a lot of very young people’s skepticism when thy see the instructor is no longer 30 (OK, or 40), and I know how our culture dislikes old people. Then I began to wonder why. It’s more than our lack of consumer power (which is a myth), it’s our reminder that everyone gets older, less flexible–and since our culture is based on beauty and sex, it’s threatening. And yet, when they get older, they will not want to jump off a cliff in order not to offend younger people.

  4. It seems to me politicians are trying to be “brands” rather than people. It’s ridiculous for a person to claim they’ve never changed, but it’s kind of what you might want in a brand — good old Moxie, it still tastes just as ghastly as ever!

    As for pill containers, unfortunately they don’t work for me. A number of years ago I misplaced Thursdays, and ever since then I seem to jump directly from Wednesday to Friday. I do, however, always carry my 2-way TV communicator, which always sounded ridiculous when only Dick Tracy’s crew had them. (And speaking of Dick Tracy and changes, what’s this about Moon Maid not really being from the moon at all?!?)

    • Moon Maid moved to Saturn in the late 60s because she is mortally afraid of golf balls. You are right about politicians trying to be a band instead of a growing, thinking human–but now that I think of it, it also makes it easier to see the other lies they tell.

      • Moon Maid’s story is even weirder — Dick Tracy strip is still running, and there’s just been a very recent development (just last month). Moon Maid supposedly died back in 1978, but she’s back, she was never from the moon, and she’s actually somebody else plastic-surgeried into having antennae, brainwashed into believing she was from the moon, and given Moon Maid’s magnetic powers…somehow. Her real name is Glenna Ermine, the daughter of “the racketeer Posie Ermine”!

        The really interesting thing is that Dick Tracy has been a daily serialized story for eighty-three years now.

  5. I, too, use to feel that way about those pill containers. Now I have the kind that are AM & PM for a week — and I have four of them so I can put a month’s worth together. It saves me time and that’s a plus. Love your idea about watercolors in the boxes!

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