Good News Round Up

During all that travel I’ve been doing, good news has been rolling in. While I’ve tried to keep up, I thought I’d share it all in one post.

Ghost print, "Three houses in another city," acrylic monoprint on mixed media paper.

Ghost print, “Three houses in another city,” acrylic monoprint on mixed media paper.

1. Inner Hero Art Journal is coming out on December 13. It was printed in the U.S., at some expense to my publisher, who thought it was worth it to print it locally to get it out earlier. You can now look inside the book on amazon. The book launch will be at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe, in January, to combine a new year with a new way of handling your inner critic!

2. I’ve been invited to go to CHA–the Craft and Hobby Association, January 10-14 in Anaheim. I’ll be doing signings and maybe a demo from the book! If you are in the area, please come visit the North Light booth!

"Old Moon, New Sky,' Monoprint, acrylic paint on scapbooking paper.

“Old Moon, New Sky,’ Monoprint, acrylic paint on scapbooking paper.

3. Madeline Island School of the Arts has officially invited me back for 2014–this coming summer. I’ll be at MISA the week of June 2 through 6. We are going to experiment and explore writing, poetry, monoprinting and journaling. Then, we’ll pick the pages we like the most and create a book of memories for the week. Last year, I started marketing this way too late. It’s time to start saving your pennies, ask for a holiday gift, and checking out the air fares for deals. Help fill up this class with YOU!

4. I’ll be at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts April 25-27 for a class. The class description will be up in about 10 days, but this is another opportunity to start asking for a class for a holiday gift or to save your change to travel to Minneapolis. We’ll be doing magical things with Gelli plates and gathering our pages and binding them into a cool book. And for fun, I’ll be giving away a Gelli plate in class!

It will be a busy year, and with the new book, I’d love to come visit some places where you are and teach in your city!

–Quinn McDonald is looking ahead to a busy year!