Pilot’s New MR Animal Collection

Pilot has come out with a new line of pens.  The only Pilot pens I knew so far were the disposable Varsity Pens and the parallel calligraphy pens–both of which I like to use.

The new pens come in five interesting colors, each with an animal print band. The pens, called Metropolitan, or MR, depending on the location (international or U.S.)  come as fountain pens, roller balls and ballpoint pens.

pen2The one I’m reviewing is the fountain pen–matte gold with a lizard-print band. The shape is elegant and the color stylish. My favorite part is that the cap is removable without unscrewing it–it snaps on and off, which means that I can use it with one hand, always a plus.

The pen comes in fine and medium nibs. Mine has a medium, which writes like a fine.

pen1I was amazed at the smooth feel of the steel nib. It doesn’t have the stiff feel of a Lamy  Safari, or the slightly scratchy feel of the Pelikan student pens, both of which I also like and use.

This one came with a cartridge and a converter. I filled it with Pelikan blue ink and grabbed my favorite journal. The writing is smooth, effortless and easy. I”m an admitted fountain pen geek, and this one is a real find.

The fountain pen (as well as the roller ball and ballpoint) comes in five different colors and styles: Crocodile (black), leopard (dark purple),  python (silver),  white tiger (white), and lizard (matte gold).

The fountain pen does not bleed through regular paper. And there is no show-through either, even on the fairly thin paper. Those are two more big pluses for me.

The biggest plus is the price–about $15. For that price, it’s easy to put it on the holiday list for a lot of people. I had to dig around for the price, and it surprised me.

Now if only it came in a pressurized cartridge that didn’t leak on an airplane it would be amazing.

Note: I received the pen for free because I am an Amazon Vine reviewer.

—Quinn McDonald loves fountain pens. She favors demonstrator fountain pens and won’t write with a pen she doesn’t like.

16 thoughts on “Pilot’s New MR Animal Collection

  1. Love this pen – my first fountain pen. Having fun returning to the lost world of cursive penmanship. I enjoyed the article here regarding this pen. I opted for the Silver with Python design. Fine nib. Love it !!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Quinn! I discovered that instrument at Penchetta (buying locally), a great shop for pen geeks, if you dont ready know it. Agree on your assessment of the pen and its value; loving mine in brushed gold .

  3. Oh, we had a lovely time today choosing new roller ball pens for Daniel. There is this new art / office supplies shop in our neighbourhood which has a great selection. He was actually looking for Pilot microfibre pens but there were none. Next best thing was gel ink with 0.7 point that they had in four colours.
    Now I want to write a lot so I can use up mine and have new ones. *grin*

    • I have an embarrassingly large collection of fountain pens. I, too, had to use them in school and hated them for years. Now I love them for their fluid, easy handling. I have several Lamys (with exchangable nibs) a Sherpa (a holder of fiber-tip pens), a Sensa (she of the squishy holder that is so comfortable), several colorful models I have just for the fun of it, a prized Waterman, the Pelikan my grandmother sent me when I was 5 years old (still writes), several more Pelikans, including one for left-handed people, several random demonstrators (clear), A Parker 5, with the amazing tip, and now the Pilot MR. Love them all.

    • We had to use pens all the way through too but my kids generation use pens only in primary school. In secondary school they can use rollerball pens. It has become a symbol of being “big kids” instead of little kids.

    • Well, Parker has the next best thing (Standby for review next week). It looks a lot like a fountain pen, but has a complete cartridge–nib and all. It won’t leak on a plane and writes like a dream. Designed for the traveler who wants to take a fountain pen. I”m sure there are also containers for air travel with fountain pens. I’m a pen geek, but there are endless, expensive toys for pen aficionados.

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