Wonder All Around The World

Time for a jaunt around the interwebs to see fascinating sites we don’t get to see on our own.  Photographers Thomas Zakowski and Tom Gill found Lake Michigan to be magical. When the freezing winds hit St. Joseph North Pier,  and the blowing water coated the lighthouses, they both pulled out their cameras and took photos that rival the Wall in The Game of Thrones.

frozen-lighthouse-st-joseph-north-pier-lake-michigan-121-1You can see more of their photographs at eknol.

Lara Sanchez gathered a collection of headgear made of natural materials by Finnish senior citizens. I don’t know the whole story, but instead of laughing at the idea, I found the compositions beautiful and haunting.


OK, some I found a bit disturbing, like the seaweed below. At least, I think it’s seaweed. He  looks a bit like a Nordic Anton Van Leeuwenhoek. (Discoverer of bacterial life with his invention, the microscope.)








And one was so instantly recognizable as tidy rhubarb that it was charming.

hMxbvE9It made me wonder if this were a contest or just a lark. You can see more headdresses (and Lara’s work here.)

The photo below (which I posted on Facebook and asked for likely captions) was taken at Phoenix’s Biltmore Fashion Square. It was surprising to see this clever design in a place better known for carefully designed and fashion-appropriate decorations. Kathy Christian provided the link to the headresses, above.













The skirt is made from trimmings of palm fronds, something that happens this time of year.

Photographer Nicholas Rivals plays with a flashlight in a dark room to create his photographs.

nicolas2He calls them Light Rorschach, which means the viewer can see whatever the psyche floats up. Are they masks? Imagined people? Rivals says his work:

…turns observer and observed through the eyes of spirited but ultimately see some of your own personality and therefore yourself. Cross between the work and the viewer as an introspection looks these masks seem to shout.  “Tell me what you see and I’ll tell you who you are.”

-Quinn McDonald is curious about the natural world in which she lives.


9 thoughts on “Wonder All Around The World

  1. How wonderfully grounding, yet uplifting these photos are. I urge everyone to click on the link to see more of the Finns. The human spirit is amazing…

  2. Hello Quinn! I always enjoy the websites you find for us to tour. There’s something for everybody and I share them with the rest of my household. It never fails to spark an interesting Sunday conversation over tea and coffee. Thank you for the trip.

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