The Inner Hero Art Journal: The New Book

InnerHeroCoverThe Inner Hero Creative Art Journal: Mixed Media Messages to Silence Your Inner Critic. It’s quite a mouthful for my new book’s title. And admittedly, I did not choose it. But it’s exactly what the book is about, and that’s exciting. I didn’t have the nerve to give it the name that describes precisely what’s inside.

We all have inner critics. Some of us have whole vans full of them; whole clown cars that unpack themselves with each new direction we take. The inner critic speaks of lack and attack. We listen and believe. But we don’t need to.

Margaret Peot's illustration from Chapter 2.

Margaret Peot’s illustration from Chapter 2.

The book helps you discover and call out your inner heroes–parts of you that you may want to deny exist. The strong parts. The ones that know your worth. And yes, the vulnerable ones that hold great wisdom that you may know want to live up to.

The inner heroes in this book are there to help you find the words to speak to your inner critic. The ones you aren’t bold enough to come up with yourself.

The projects in the book are new and challenging. You don’t have to know how to draw. You are not going to draw your inner hero. Instead, you are going to do deep writing exercises, be with your own heart, and use color and technique to create an atmosphere that surrounds you with strength and courage.

A leaf I painted for Chapter 5, The Gardener

A leaf I painted for Chapter 5, The Gardener

The book encourages you to make free-standing journal pages to help you develop messages that confront the inner critic through strengths you may not know you have. The more pages you make, the more sure of your own mind you become.

The book also gives suggestions about how to use all the free-standing pages (or cards, if you like), and ways to carry them with you.

The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal is available from North Light Books (the publisher) right now, and within a few day from, Barnes and Noble, and your neighborhood independent book store.

—Quinn McDonald is creating a class for coaches who want to use the book to work with creative clients.


25 thoughts on “The Inner Hero Art Journal: The New Book

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  2. Oh yes, the ARTISTS of the ROUND TABLE would LOOOVE to have a new workshop with you! Let either Jacqui or me know when you’re ready to do it (about a month before) so that we can give people time to buy the book and get ready!

  3. No fair! Amazon still says my pre-ordered copies won’t come until late Feb! (stamps feet petulantly) Are you (pretty please) going to do an on-line course with the book? I love having that extra motivation and group interaction when it would otherwise be too easy to procrastinate or stay superficial.

    • The book is in distribution. Amazon won’t change the date till it starts shipping. So you might discover the book in the mail the day after the date disappears from amazon. The book now has an Best Seller ranking, which means it has started to ship from some sites. It won’t be long. Yes, there will be an online course on the book, and another course for coaches who want to use it as a life- or creativity coaching piece. I’m still developing both courses and looking for a way to run the class that includes phone-in sessions or discussion sessions.

  4. Congratulations, Quinn! A wonderful reward after all the work and waiting. I ordered the ebook version for now – no waiting, no shipping cost, and I can show people anywhere I take my phone.

  5. How exciting! Are you having a party to celebrate? The book is beautiful and begs to be opened. Here’s my *wish* for a successful launch! Congratulations! Definitely a sparkling cider/champagne event!

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