Chihuly in the Garden

Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places in the whole world–and I’ve been to a lot of places. This year, the Garden brought in glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly. It’s not the first time Chihuly has been in the garden. There are two permanent sculptures at the entrance.

chihuly at the dbgOccasionally, people think the sculptures are real and ask what kind of plants they are. I always say, “Chihuly” and people think it’s a kind of cactus.

Glass1The thin red poles look balanced between the green cacti.

Glass2The mix of of spheres and pipes make an interesting grouping with the blue agave.

glass4The sculptures have to be dusted several times a week. This one is about 20 feet tall. Dusting it must be fun.

glass3This round shape is amazing. I love how these shapes fit into the desert landscape.

glass5This color almost seems like a black and white in this photograph.

glass6Nothing like polka dots to brighten the day. This is a great exhibit. If you are in the Phoenix area, don’t miss it.