Chihuly in the Garden

Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places in the whole world–and I’ve been to a lot of places. This year, the Garden brought in glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly. It’s not the first time Chihuly has been in the garden. There are two permanent sculptures at the entrance.

chihuly at the dbgOccasionally, people think the sculptures are real and ask what kind of plants they are. I always say, “Chihuly” and people think it’s a kind of cactus.

Glass1The thin red poles look balanced between the green cacti.

Glass2The mix of of spheres and pipes make an interesting grouping with the blue agave.

glass4The sculptures have to be dusted several times a week. This one is about 20 feet tall. Dusting it must be fun.

glass3This round shape is amazing. I love how these shapes fit into the desert landscape.

glass5This color almost seems like a black and white in this photograph.

glass6Nothing like polka dots to brighten the day. This is a great exhibit. If you are in the Phoenix area, don’t miss it.

23 thoughts on “Chihuly in the Garden

  1. If you’re interested I have a FB album full of photos of the Chihuly Exhibit in St. Louis….not all of the pieces by any means. We are already FaceBook friends and I think the album is named for Chihuly.

  2. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law live in Tempe. I am not sure if they are familiar with the Desert Botanical Gardens or Chihuly but I plan to send them this post so they can read about both. Thanks for the “tip”. Chihuly’s art is amazing!

    • Depending where in Tempe they live, they could be as close as two miles away–the DBG is directly across the (fake) Lake from Tempe. But then again, it depends if they are naturalists. One of the funny things about this area is that all the maps show rivers, but their are just arroyos–dried river beds. Tempe dammed up part of the Salt River (with rubber dams) and then fills the lake to keep it as an attraction.

  3. These photos of his work are truly amazing! I was not familiar with his work but have now fallen in love with it! Thanks for the introduction to this talented artist.

  4. My husband and I will be in Tucson for 2 weeks at the end of February and we are planning a trip up to see this when we come. We both love Chihuly and are really looking forward to seeing this. The desert is the perfect place for him since the work must really stand out! I can’t wait!

  5. I’m so glad you posted this. It’s really nice to see what he does in different Botanical Gardens. He did an installation at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis and I ended up taking about 100 photos. Several of the pieces are now on permanent exhibit.

  6. Wonderful! Literally. But is there any other way of displaying these artworks? For example those aloe-like sculptures in the first picture just would not look that good in someone’s living room. Not that I’m complaining or anything, just wondering. They are so perfect where they are. 🙂

  7. I LOVE Chihuly! He is the one that has the beautiful colored glass flowers on the ceiling in the Bellagio Hotel Lobby in Las Vegas. He’s AMAZING and they all look so real! I would love to see the Phoenix exhibit!

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