Creative Stroll

Time for some great creative work in the (frozen) art world!

close-ups-of-frozen-soap-bubbles-angela-kelly-macro-11It’s been awfully cold in the Midwest and East. So cold, you can freeze soap bubbles. A mom and her son did, and then posted the whole set of frozen bubbles on Facebook. The bubbles freeze, form beautiful ice flowers, and then deflate, freezing again along the way.


No two snowflakes are alike and Alexi  Kijatov photographed a lot of them in breath-taking detail.

Northern-East-Meets-Northern-West-WEBwmChris Maynard cuts art into feathers. Yes. With eye surgery scissors. And the results are beautiful.


Have a happy Sunday!

-Quinn McDonald is glad she lives in a warm climate. At least at this time of year she is.