The Life You Want

What’s your ideal life? The answer is up in the air for many of my coaching clients. They just know that the life they have now isn’t the one they want.

The start of a new life begins really early in the process.

The start of a new life begins really early in the process.

Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck with the life you have now. You do have to be willing to change. Change your routine, your schedule, your friends (if they don’t want you to change), and maybe your salary and your expectations. Of yourself and others.

Most often, I ask, “Who do you want to be?” Almost everyone has an idea. Then comes the tricky part–“What did that person do to get there?” Because if you want that life, you can’t just step onto their stage, you have to scramble up the path. Most often, there is no short cut. You have to do the struggle part, the risk part, the fall-on-your-face-in-front-of-everyone part to get to the good part.

You can’t skip that part. If you do skip it, you’re stress dream will come true and you’ll climb up on stage and discover you aren’t wearing a stitch. Before the “ahhhh” comes the “grrrrr.”

I always smile at the people who know the Inner Hero book is out and say, “You HeroBookare so lucky to have written a book.” Pssst. . .it wasn’t luck. It was getting up at 4:30 a.m. and crying when chapters didn’t work out and I had to start over and swearing I’d never write another book (yeah, the idea for book #3 is already running around my feet), and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at the same time.

To have the life you want, you have to build it. From the ground up.

-Quinn McDonald swears she will sign 1,000 books before she admits she may want to write another one.



7 thoughts on “The Life You Want

  1. I have this image in my head of ideas playing round your feet hoping that they’ll look appealing enough to be picked up before they fade away through neglect. Yep, I’m definitely a concrete kind of person . . . until it comes to a good hearty dose of whimsy.

  2. It seems to me you don’t really have a choice; whatever life you have is going to change no matter what you do. In fact it already has.

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