Creative Play

Bureaucrat by day, street artist after work. Oakoak is an untrained artist with a clever eye and a wicked sense of humor.


Letting your mind roam and quickly make connections is a great creative game.


So is seeing a part of something and envisioning something completely different.

Artist and creative director Brock Davis is another person with an eye for turning the mundane into the unusual.

Bread knife with shark.

Bread knife with shark.

The artist sees normal objects in different ways. That opens a whole new world. It can also open a coffin on a week-old egg roll:


The joy of this is deliberately switching your perspective to allow something else to show up.

And sometimes you have to take a closer look—really, really, up close—to be amazed.

frosted-spider-webThis photo was shared on reddit by shivs1147. It’s a spider web coated in frost.

Go out and try on a different pair of eyes and discover your world all over again.

-Quinn McDonald is having the time of her life with her new eyesight.