Inner Hero, Inner Critic

Most people think that with the Inner Hero book,  I no longer have an Inner Critic. [Snort] HAHAHAHA! Or course I do, and he’s not going to go away. That’s the whole purpose of the inner hero idea–to create an alter ego that has your permission to kick the inner critic’s butt.

One of the big steps in dealing with an inner critic is knowing when something makes you happy and reveling in it. Dogs do this naturally–they roll in revolting things because it makes them happy. Cats chase after red-light dots with crazy abandon. But people don’t express happy very well. We create an excuse like drinking to say “I got carried away.” We should all get carried away more often.

I’m just back from the CHA convention (Craft and Hobby Association) in Anaheim, California, and I had two enormously wonderful things happen.

BookingsigningCHA1. North Light (my publisher) had me do a book signing. I asked Seth Apter and Rosaland Hannibal, book contributors,  to sign the books with me. (Seth is not in this photo, that’s Rosaland on the right). After all, three signatures is better than one. And I’ve never seen that happen, so I thought it would be fun. And it was. Pure fun. My editor, Tonia Jenny, was there for moral support and took the photos. How nice was that? Tommy Semosh (also from North Light) made books, chairs and pens appear. And we signed books and talked and laughed.  Pure joy and excitement.

2. I was talking to someone at the CHA booth when a woman came up and recognized me from my column in Somerset Studio magazine. “Are you the Quinn McDonald?” I was sure she was thinking of someone else. “Probably not,” I said, and then she asked if I did the column. She said nice things. I did not tell her I was a worthless human or a talentless troll. I said, “Thank you,” and meant it. I allowed myself to feel good. I allowed my ego to inflate.  Carefully, and not too much. Because sometimes it just feels good to be recognized and praised.

I did not “jinx” anything by feeling good about myself. The world did not come to an end. Nothing bad happened to “counterbalance” the good. Happy is a wonderful feeling. But you have to allow it to happen.

—Quinn’s Inner Hero book is launched. There will be a Phoenix-launch at Changing Hands bookstore on Februray 20. Save the date, she wants to see you all there.

32 thoughts on “Inner Hero, Inner Critic

  1. Congratulations Quinn. You deserve every bit of praise you receive from those of us to whom you appear super-human. Try to remember, even when you deflect the praise and adoration with self-deprecation or inner-critic fed dialogue, some of the praise sticks to your soul like sparkly burdocks of love.

    I was part of a multi-author book signing this fall and I kept thinking, “Someone is going to figure out I’m a fraud and make me leave.” But they never caught on, and I had a lovely time in spite of myself.

  2. I was at an Artists Play Day and was showing the group the prototype for a book I was working on, and Kaitlin said “Sue is always so creative with the book structures she finds to use” and I hesitated, speechless, marshalling self-deprecating words, when Theresa (whom I’d just met) said “say ‘thank you’.” Such a good lesson … wish I remembered it all the time!

    • My inner critic tells me that I need just one-tenth of your marketing genius, Seth! And thanks for signing the books with Rosaland and me–I know the people really appreciated seeing you twice in a day!

  3. Happy for you! The event looks like fun.
    This year I found an appointment diary that says “Live what you love”. I bought it on the spot to use as a journal. To complete the set I used letter stickers to write the same on my actual appt diary. Let´s see how that goes to find and live what makes me happy.
    Btw, I missread “You deserve every smidge of accolade” by Beth P as “You deserve every smidge of chocolate”.

  4. Huge Congratulations oh talented one! 😀 You deserve every smidge of accolade too!!! Imagine nothing exploding or breaking when you allowed yourself to feel good about compliments! Who knew?! 😀
    Hugs my new friend

  5. To “the” Quinn McDonald, writer of Somerset Studio magazine, creator of QuinnCreative blog, reformer of her life, attainer of dreams and maker of fine art, respected and loved: CONGRATULATIONS!
    (okay, now is the time to bow)
    Really, a great accomplishment! Good wishes to you.

  6. Quinn, you deserve every bit of praise and thanks! So glad you had fun at CHA, I was living vicariously through your photos.

  7. Ah Quinn. As usual, you’ve gone and made me smile. Talentless troll [snort, wheeze]. I have been enjoying your art journey, tips and humor for a while now ( I’m thinking it’s about two years or more–is that possible?) Keep knocking down that inner critic and inviting us along on the journey. Looking forward to getting my ink stained hands on your latest book.

    • It’s so important for people to know that knocking down the inner critic is a life-long task, and you keep having to invent new ways to do it. People who think I have conquered mine are in for a BIG surprise. I’ve been blogging for seven years, mostly on creativity. I’m so glad you’ve been here a while, Lynette. It keeps me from thinking I’m typing in the dark.

  8. I am enjoying your book a lot, and have barely started it. I do wish that the print for the main body of text was a little darker. The print under the pictures is quite a bit easier to read, for me. Abraham Lincoln said, “A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” Lotta truth in that. I’m glad you had such a great time at the book signing. It would have been total excitement for me.

    • I so agree. I wish the type were bigger, plain and simple. I asked my editor if the reason were that I was too yakky–too many words for a book that has a set number of pages. She said no, that book designers favor small type. Alas, even with new lenses in my eyes, I want bigger type. I sympathize.

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