Gold Sumi-e Color and a Giveaway

Note: Congratulations to Kimberly Santini, who won the Gold Sumi-e Watercolor in the cute ceramic dish! Can’t wait to see what she does with it!

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One of the items Niji gave me to play with when I became a designer for them is their dish of pale gold sumi-e watercolor paint. Rich with gold and possibility, I’ve found several ways to make the most of it.


Ceramic dish of pale gold sumi-e watercolor paint by Yasutomo.

I can’t help it, I love the 2-3/4-inch ceramic dish it comes in. And I’m giving a dish of it away. (Details below.)

My new favorite way to apply it is with a brayer–the roller you use to apply ink to printing plates.

Using black paper and gold paint, I made a fantasy card.  For the background, choose a sturdy paper like Strathmore ArtAgain or Arches cover. Using a fat, fairly stiff brush (I use a glue brush), mix some water into the dish. Load the brush and then snap the brush to drip gold sumi-e paint on the paper.

GoldXImmediately, roll the brayer up over the paint. You can use a painted stripe if you want to include a horizon line.

Gold7I added a painted circle out of the acrylic paper for a moon and let it extend beyond the edge, trimming off the extra. You can read the entire instructions on the Niji blog page, here.

Gold6If fantasy cards aren’t your thing, you can use the gold sumi-e paint to color shipping tags, too. I had already painted several of them with acrylics (for my Tiny Journal class this weekend at Arizona Art Supply) I splashed some gold ink on them and rolled the brayer across to add bold patterns.

Last week, at the Craft and Hobby Association convention in Anaheim, California, I discovered that Yasutomo was introducing a new paper.  It’s made of  . . . minerals. Called Mineral White in the origami paper and All Media paper for artists, it is amazing to work with. Yes, it is made from very finely ground calcium carbonate in a soft binder. It feels like paper, but it has a huge benefit for watercolor artists–the paper doesn’t curl when wet. It stays flat no matter what you do with it. No buckling at all.

Gold4Here is a sheet of Mineral White with gold sumi-e watercolor brayered across it. It looks like a landscape of mountains. It’s great for art journaling or origami. You can also use it for origami or collage.

Gold9This is the Mineral White with a blue and green Splash Ink wash and a spritz of water to create the look of rain.

Then I brayered gold watercolor across it for another whole dimension of color and glitz.

Just because it’s watercolor doesn’t mean you have to use a brush to paint it on!

To win a 2-3/4-inch ceramic dish of Yasutomo pale gold sumi-e paint, you have to do two things:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog.
  2. Like the Yasutomo Facebook page.

The winner will be announced on January 27, on this blog post and on the Yasutomo Facebook page.

There’s another giveaway going on today: Photographer Bo Mackison (I altered a photograph she took in the Inner Hero book) is giving away a copy of my new book on her blog.

Quinn McDonald is the author of the newly-released Inner Hero Creative Art Journal. She is on the Niji Design Team and is an art journaler, writer, and certified creativity coach.

dtbutton1Yasutomo provided the materials to all design team members and will provide the paint to the winner.

89 thoughts on “Gold Sumi-e Color and a Giveaway

  1. You had me at the very beginning–I also like the look and idea of the little ceramic dish, but then the samples that followed. Ooh… all the possibilities. A great giveaway, but also thanks for introducing this new product to us.

  2. I looked for the mineral white paper on the Yasutomo site, but did not see it. Is it available to the public yet? Anxious to try.

  3. I added Yasutomo to my likes, but not until I went through all their wonderful products on the website, every single one. I am using Splash Inks, thanks to you and love them. Your examples, particularly the Asian themes, are exquisite. The gold is a perfect color for a summer moon.

  4. That mineral white paper looks scrumptious! And that gold watercolor paint looks amazing, too! Thank you for the reminder that paint brushes are only *one* watercolor tool, not the only one! The prints turned out beautifully.

  5. what a great product. Your post has me now poking around to see if the product is available in Missoula. The dish appeals to me as well. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Gold is a major player in a piece of art currently developing in the studio.

  6. That gold looks amazing! I would love to win that. And I am clearly going to have to expand my paper knowledge. I have a lot to learn about paper and the different types.

  7. I really want to work with the gold and I’m excited to try the mineral paper. My grandson, the origami king just got his own bone folder! He requested it for Christmas so the mineral paper will be on our next craft store list.
    For Deb in the cold north… I love your gravitar!
    And have you seen those watercolor brushes that have a tube to hold water? You have to try them. They don’t come in a variety of sizes but for kids and travel it’s the way to go.

    • I love that your grandson has his own bonefolder! The mineral paper may take a while to hit the market. Those watercolor brushes (Niji makes one kind) come in sizes–small, medium and large. The water barrel is the same size, the brush is different.

  8. Mineral paper. Fascinating. Just went to the Mineral Sale at the Desert Museum – came home with a pile of rocks. And looking at them, cannot imagine how they could be processed into paper. Love the look of the precious mineral gold on the mineral paper.

  9. I love that it comes in a ceramic dish! I use gold paint pens in my journaling, yet would LOVE love love this in order to add in the backgrounds without being stinky like the paint pens.

    (I liked the yasutomo page too!)


  10. Wow! In all honesty, I love the pan the paint comes in, too! Thank you for letting us know about the paper, in addition to the paint/ink! I’ve already been to FB!

  11. Stunning! Seriously stunning! And that paper sounds really fascinating too! Especially since my hubby loves Origami. It’s a cool thing to combine my paint play and his folding! Must look in to that. And the gold really makes it pop beautifully!

  12. I love this gold with the blue greens, and I love the light on the tag. I’ve never heard of gold watercolor before. It’s beautiful!

  13. Wow , this is lovely Quinn!Indeed it looks ethereal. Always like to add something with a shine or glow on my projects! I don’t think they sell it here in the Netherlands?

  14. Gorgeous!!! I would love to get a dip pen into that little pot of deliciousness and letter a black envelope! Or add swirls to a journal page, or paint a Tucson sunrise …. the mind explodes in golden possibilities!

  15. Lovely. You have certainly led me to many new things in my life. Thank you for sharing your many talents and the things tat speak to you!

  16. Gold water color, that truly looks metallic, is a dream come true! The non-buckling paper is the 2nd dream come true. I am so excited about the class in Phoenix this weekend. I hope we have a chance to try these items and they are available for purchase. I really look forward to meeting you.

    • I don’t have the non-buckling paper, it’s not in general release yet, but I’ve told the sales manager at AZ Art Supply about it. I’m bringing the gold sumi-e paint, and you can bring a brayer!

  17. I love these designs. You are so talented. I have not played with water colors for a long time. I would like a chance to win the gold. I have a quick question: Have you ever used the water color colored pencils? If you have I would like to know what you think of them.

    • I love watercolor pencils. Of course, I use them differently than they were intended to be used. Maybe I need a post about that. But yes, my two favorites are Derwent InkTense and the Derwent Graphics–which are dark neutrals that bloom into color when you wet them. I like to travel with watercolor pencils because they aren’t messy and you can use them in hotel rooms.

  18. Oh that gold looks sublime. Count me in. And what’s that you say? Paper that doesn’t buckle????? No more soaking the paper in the tub, dripping it all over the floor, stapling it to boards and then having to remove all those staples? Taking away all my fun! Not!

    • You will love this paper. It does not buckle, but it’s not super absorptive, either. It’s rocks, after all. But it is fun to play with and as soon as I get more, I’m trying it on my Gelli plate!

  19. I love metallics!! I am anxious to see and feel the mineral paper! I bind my own journals and would love to try it! Thanks for the heads up! When will it be available to the general public?

    • Yes, it will be on the Yasutomo site first, as origami paper called Mineral White. They are allowing wholesalers to order it now, so I’d think in about six weeks it will be available to the general public. The paper has a soft hand, but has some quirks–it doesn’t absorb quickly. And it tears in one direction and not easily.

  20. Hi Quinn, I enjoy your newsletter and seeing everything that your up too. The gold paint over the green and blue, is gorgeous. Does the sumi e watercolor always come in a ceramic dish?

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