Dreaming of June

MISA1June seems like a long time away-but like the seed catalog that reaches you just as you had given up all hope for Spring, I want to whisper some green hope in your ear. Polar vortices, sleet, shoveling snow–leave them behind for a minute. Tuck yourself into a cozy place in your house and imagine June on an island that is a green prairie. It has rocky and sandy beaches, rivers tucked into coves. This place is not just imaginary, it’s Madeline Island in Lake Superior. And you can restore your soul and learn to laugh again this summer.

thumb_seed-packets-wedding-favourFrom June 2 to 6, I will be teaching Jungle Gym for Monkey Mind at Madeline Island School of ArtsThe class is based on the Inner Hero book, and we’ll learn something new every day. You’ll try your hand at writing poetry, surface decorating papers, using the papers to make seed packets for those tiny beginning ideas you want to grow into big, sturdy plans.

You’ll discover your inner heroes and what you have in common with them. You’ll make friends and have time to visit art galleries and restaurants. If you like a noisier time, you’ll find bars and restaurants to keep you up all night.

MISA2If you are ready to retrieve your soul from where it has drifted, this class is the one for you. Every participant will receive a free creativity coaching session to help them explore the inner landscape that is so often neglected. The island is a perfect setting for coming back into who you want to be.

MISA3We’ll learn specifics every morning and you can explore how to use them in the afternoon. The classroom is also open all night. No locks, just space and time. You can work any time. Just turn out the light if you are the last to leave.

You’ll create monoprints and gather your results into a book, a journal of memories and encouragement to take back into your changed life. It’s time to restore that part of you that has to be strong and give all year.

Think about it. And begin to plan it. It’s an experience like no other. No art or writing experience necessary. Just a sense of adventure.

Quinn McDonald taught at Madeline Island last summer and is dreaming about returning. She welcomes you to join her in a remarkable experience.

Looks like a painting, but it's the view from the classroom at Madeline Island School of Arts

Looks like a painting, but it’s the view from the classroom at Madeline Island School of Arts

7 thoughts on “Dreaming of June

  1. Oooooh……I “LOVE” it! Peaceful, creative, and relaxing. What an awesome class that will be, and in the perfect location! June is going to be a special month for me too! I will be 50 on the 16th! HUZZAH! What a true blessing indeed! I am thankful for each day. 🙂

    Congrats about your new book. I thoroughly enjoyed Raw Art Journaling, and can’t wait to get my hands on this one!!! Let me know if you would be interested in doing an online workshop. Girlfriend, I would definitely enjoy playing!

    (((((Hugs and Kisses))))))

  2. I didn’t get over to Madeline Island but I would highly recommend visiting the area and the Apostle Islands. It was one of my absolute favorite trips ever and I loved trekking above the sea caves. I wish I could make it to your workshop but it conflicts with our yearly trip. You’ll have a great time again this year!

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