What Lies Within

We are all so much more than our outsides–what we look like. Sure, everyone knows that, but still. We love things that are beautiful, from kittens to people, from cars to landscapes. I love the potential in things. I love looking for what is about to become different and delight in the development.

fleur4This cactus fruit is developing seeds. They are in progress. The light from the sun illuminates the still-growing fruit in a way that says “anticipation” to me.

fleur3Amaryllis are big, showy flowers. When I lived on the East Coast, they were my salvation in the winter. Here, many things bloom in winter, but the amaryllis always is a delight.

It develops quickly, always stretching and leaning into the sun. The bud develops and you can see that a lot is happening inside.

fleur1Then one day, in under 12 hours, crisp white petals appear and unfurl. I always wonder how they fit into that much smaller bud. It’s like an idea. Once expressed, it expands and takes on a whole new shape.

fleur2This blossom was just one of three packed in that special spear-shaped promise. And there is more to come.

What are you growing into?

–Quinn McDonald is letting nature take its course.

6 thoughts on “What Lies Within

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  2. The bud isn’t any smaller than the flower; it’s just how we perceive its appearance. The only thing added is space, between the petals. We decide that space must be part of the flower. It’s easier that way.

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