Saturday Stroll: In my Neighborhood

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” —Marcel Proust
On many Saturdays, I find interesting things around the world of the internet. There are also interesting things within the five miles I walk in the morning. Come along on my walk and see ordinary things with new eyes.
This spill looks like a cheetah, lying down and facing left. “Rof Lit” is part of the alien language painted on the street. I don’t know who Rof is, but his literature has something to do with wild cats, I’m sure.
This tire mark looks like a roadrunner in sunglasses, also facing left. There’s a lot of detail in this accidental mark.
A circle of sand that spells “water” just cracks me up. Of course, I’m easily amused.
Phoenix is so much more than cactus and dust. Here’s a Hong-Kong orchid tree that has adapted to Phoenix. Most of them don’t do well. This one seems to be thriving.
Flying to Houston from Phoenix, I saw this abandoned town in New Mexico. (Yes, the air is hazy with smoke and dirt). During the housing boom, the streets were put in and the foundations poured. Then the money dried up. And so did the town. There are no houses, just empty streets and slab foundations. And there was more than one we flew over.
Take a look at your world today with different eyes. You’ll be surprised at what shows up.
-Quinn McDonald made it home by sheer luck and a crew member who had a map app of the airport so she could find the shortcut to the gate.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Stroll: In my Neighborhood

  1. The Town That Never Got Built is just – bewildering. It’s hard to find a word for something like that. What amount of optimism it takes to plan something that big and begin it by pouring all the foundations all at once. It seems so bold that it’s hard to accept that someone had the guts to do it. The cynical fella somewhere in my mind mutters that, right, it’s just a scam: someone sold the idiotic idea to some gullible fool. Unbelievable.

    • My guess is that it was going to be an RV park or a pre-fab housing part. You put down those foundations first. There was a huge housing boom in the U.S. in 2004-2007 and then a huge collapse. A smoking mix of greed, avarice, stupidity, and not-thinking. Not a great combination to work with.

  2. The human belief that we are independent actors and have free will and all that — just a clever illusion. In reality we are the mechanism cement has evolved to reproduce.

    • It strikes me as terribly sad. On clear days (and through a clean airplane window) you can see a few houses built. It’s not the only one like that, either. Have you seen the terrible strip mining fields. From the air, they make beautiful patterns, but mercy, a lot of the land is ripped up.

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