February Check-In: Word of the Year

How did your word of the year make it through January?

Helpful? Forgot it already? Working it through slowly?

platesMy word for the year is “scatter,” which I chose because it kept showing up in my dreams, even though I wasn’t sure it sounded like a word I would choose.  In January,  I understood one meaning more. It became really clear to me that I was spinning too many plates. (This was a skill on many variety shows during the middle of the last century). To keep all the plates spinning, you have to be fast, keep your attention on the different plates and move the sticks without losing focus. If you didn’t, the plates fell and broke.

too-many-spinning-plates1In January, I realized that scattering my attention to all the work I had was causing me to lose focus on the things I deeply want to do. While I decided years ago not to make my art pay the mortgage, I had too much on my . . .plate. And it was spinning.

So I made a decision to scatter my attention and energy less, and drop two of the money-makers I made. My energy will be transferred to attention to teaching more art classes, doing book-related events, and coaching. Doing less, but paying more attention to the things I want to do.

How did your word of the year change your routine in January?

At the beginning of each month, we’ll take a look at that word of the year and see how it is working for you. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

Quinn McDonald is launching her book locally on February 20 at Changing Hands Bookstore on February 20.