Creative Jaunt

Anila Quayayum Agha is a photograph with a big shadow. And a big dream. Agha is an artist with a political bent and looks for “truth” in her artwork.

shadow-cube-light-installation-art-interesctions-by-anila-quayyum-agha-3She created a 6-1/2-foot cube (2 meters) and pierced it with geometric patterns that represent various religions and cultures. Then she illuminated the inside of the cube, allowing it to through 35-foot shadows. “This project is meant to uncover the contradictory nature of all intersections; which are simultaneously boundaries and also points of meeting,” Agha explains.

Nature is the artist in this next photo.

grand-prismatic-spring-yellowstone-natonal-park-on-google-earth-cover-imageYou are looking at Yellowstone National Park’s Grand Prismatic Spring. Google Earth is both an encyclopedia and a great way to get a view from on top that we would never otherwise notice. There are 49 more amazing sites here, each one with a GPS location. You can cut and paste the numbers into Google Earth, and you’ll see the same wonders and weirdnesses in the world.

Have a creative weekend!

Quinn McDonald is packing to film a DVD. She’s not worried about what to wear, but she is amassing what projects to show.