When the Universe Ain’t Talkin’

We have questions. A lot. We want the universe to provide answers. Sometimes, we think the universe does. We see signs. We understand them. Then again, we think the universe is silent on some questions we have.

you-are-here2What are we supposed to do? We need an answer now. Is that a sign? How should we take it? Is it a yes? A no? Why isn’t it clear?

Frankly, I don’t know. But the more you need an answer, the quieter the universe gets. And yes, when I say “the universe,” I’m talking about some greater power than just one person on their own. Whether you call that God, or Spirit, or Universe, it’s hard to figure out what to do when we want an answer. Some prayers are unanswered, some answers come unprayed for.

I have an answer: wait. The universe does not work on the American Business Model. And just because you want an answer, doesn’t mean one will be spelled out for you. Sometimes waiting is an excellent way to spend time.

Most of us don’t like waiting. We want an answer now. But often, answers can’t be forced, and waiting is an excellent thing to do while we are thinking and deciding and choosing. And sometimes waiting helps to develop an answer.

—Quinn McDonald isn’t rushing. She is spending time waiting, and doing it without fidgeting.