When the Universe Ain’t Talkin’

We have questions. A lot. We want the universe to provide answers. Sometimes, we think the universe does. We see signs. We understand them. Then again, we think the universe is silent on some questions we have.

you-are-here2What are we supposed to do? We need an answer now. Is that a sign? How should we take it? Is it a yes? A no? Why isn’t it clear?

Frankly, I don’t know. But the more you need an answer, the quieter the universe gets. And yes, when I say “the universe,” I’m talking about some greater power than just one person on their own. Whether you call that God, or Spirit, or Universe, it’s hard to figure out what to do when we want an answer. Some prayers are unanswered, some answers come unprayed for.

I have an answer: wait. The universe does not work on the American Business Model. And just because you want an answer, doesn’t mean one will be spelled out for you. Sometimes waiting is an excellent way to spend time.

Most of us don’t like waiting. We want an answer now. But often, answers can’t be forced, and waiting is an excellent thing to do while we are thinking and deciding and choosing. And sometimes waiting helps to develop an answer.

—Quinn McDonald isn’t rushing. She is spending time waiting, and doing it without fidgeting.


16 thoughts on “When the Universe Ain’t Talkin’

  1. I needed to read this post. I have been pestering the Universe with questions and waiting impatiently for answers. I’m going to try and sit back and just be patient. Thanks, Quinn.

  2. It often strikes me how self-centered our notion of time is. It’s not obviously formal, like geocentrism, so there probably isn’t going to be a Copernican revolution challenging it. I think about two things: that “now” is hyperlocal in universal terms, and quantum time, like quantum-everything, is strange in ways that are absurdly difficult to even imagine.

    By hyperlocal I mean that “now” for me doesn’t extend very far beyond, well, “me”. I can imagine what might be happening as close as, say, the moon, but I can’t know about it for about a second and a half.

    And at the quantum level, there are new experimental results just last month (what timing!) supporting the suggestion that time itself is local to the universe. That is, if you were able to observe the universe “from the outside” (whatever that means) you wouldn’t be able to observe time because it’s entirely internal to the universe and can be observed — or “only exists” (whatever that means) in relation to other things also inside the universe. The paper is here: http://arxiv.org/abs/1310.4691

    • That theory on time sounds very much like it supports time travel. Or….very much like we live in a bubble…our own little world. hmmmm….

      • I don’t see the time travel thing, but I can barely follow some of the math in quantum theory and its ilk, so I probably wouldn’t. This experiment is a bit of an “inside baseball” thing; there’s a long-standing problem in physics: quantum physics applies at the super-small level, and general relativity applies at the “regular” level, but they don’t fit together. Wheeler and DeWitt came up with a way to merge the findings, but with one problem: nothing could ever happen in the universe the Wheeler-DeWitt equation predicted. That is, there wasn’t any time. This new result is a possible solution to that problem.

        A pretty theoretical one, of course, until somebody figures out what being “outside the universe” could possibly mean.

        Hey, trying to follow this stuff is at least better than watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island!

  3. You are so right Quinn, letting go and trust is for me also the answer……..I like the saying; when you pull the grass it won’t grow any harder…..everything needs his own pace and time…….your post is very inspiring and always like to read it! Thanks, warm greet Miranda

  4. Yes, sometimes I know I’ll make a change, I may even be encouraged by others to take a step however someting tells me the time isn’t quite right. If I just leave the situation alone, wait, I know it will work out but I have to listen carefully to something inside to know that I need to just be patient. There’s one of those big changes coming up, I think I know what it will be but . . . the time is not quite right so I wait.

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