Saturday Creative Stroll (3.15.14)

Time for some creative leaps around the world. Today is the day the turkey vultures return to Hinkley, Ohio. They have come back on March 15 every year since 1957.  No one is certain why the buzzards come back or how they know when to come back. But they do.

Crows are birds that can learn tricks. They are also tool users and problems solvers. Here’s an amazing video of a crow that learned eight different steps to solve a tool-using problem:

Natsuo Ikegami has a big imagination and creates characters that seem to live in dreams or worlds that we have yet to discover.

Images by Natsuo Ikegami

Images by Natsuo Ikegami

These two are from a series called “To A New Land.”

A variety of artists work with books. The resulting art keeps books out of landfills.

r4i67ryjghjghbAtelier Bom Design creates lamps. Maybe because books are such bright ideas?

Gowri Savoor is an artist who uses seeds as an art medium. As someone who wears a silver seedpod as a totem necklace, this collection fascinated me.

seedbank2Savoor experiments with mixed media, fabric and wood, but the seeds inspire her. Born in Leicester, England, she now lives in Vermont.



The sculptures are largely geometric, but the series becomes more and more complex.

"Seascape" is made of pinecone seeds.

“Seascape” is made of pinecone seeds.

Savoor says, ““In themselves they’re very fragile. No matter what I do, the pieces will continue to decay. There’s a human sadness as well, that everything will eventually die.” (via junk-culture)

Have a creative weekend!

–Quinn McDonald is fascinated by artistic invention.