Loose-Leaf Journal Box

Loose-leaf journaling is practical and fun; I’ve talked often about why. But when you make loose-leaf journal pages, you need a place to gather them.

box1Some weeks ago, I found a lovely box of stationery. The box was well designed and sturdy. Once the stationery was gone, the box was the perfect size for 5-inch x 7-inch loose-leaf pages.

Box2Using a piece of lavender ribbon, I glued it to the back, long side of the box and about one-third of the way across the bottom of the box, leaving the rest unglued.

box3Once the ribbon was dry, I placed the loose-leaf pages into the box. This happens to be a group of inner hero cards from the last month.

Box4The ribbon, because it is not glued to the entire bottom of the box, allows me to lift up all the cards easily. One or all can be lifted out without wearing down the corners or breaking a nail. It’s an easy way to carry the cards and a sturdy way to store them.

—Quinn McDonald has an ever-growing collection of inner heroes.


6 thoughts on “Loose-Leaf Journal Box

  1. Quinn
    I am always wondering what to do with some of the wonderful boxes I have with stationery ..usually gifts because they are so attractive to the gift giver. Now you have given me a most wonderful suggestion and with the addition of the ribbon a most wonderfully easy way to use the box and not break down the sides. Lovely new project for me to create…actually have a couple of boxes I just could not toss out waiting for this new use.
    Thank you.

    • The design IS very cool. It was a 75%-off box of Christmas cards at Barnes and Noble I bought at the end of January. The artist is Anastasia Kajewski and the cards were from Peter Pauper Press. I re-purposed them as general greeting cards so I could use the box faster!

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