Saturday Creative Stroll 3.22.14

Bricks are tough and have a lot of right angles. We think of them as ship ballast, East Coast buildings (from the ship ballast), and severe schools. Brad Spencer thinks of them as sculpting material.

spencersculptureAnd all of his sculptures are sinuous, rounded and three-dimensional in a way that makes your eyes blink. He starts with unfired clay, sculpts the brick sculpture in pieces and then assembles in it place on the day of an exhibit. Time, brick, and perceived movement–imagination at play.

Jane Perkins is a multi-media artist. That’s just the beginning. Perkins re-creates well known artworks in found objects–beads, plastic figures,

Most-Iconic-Nat-Geo2This is the iconic National Geographic photograph that Steve McCurry took of a young Afghan woman.

famous-portraits-recreated-from-recycled-materials-and-found-objects-by-jane-perkins-4And this is the artwork that Jane Perkins made, using the photograph as inspiration. You can see more on Perkins’ website, including the girl with the pearl earring and Albert Einstein.

The Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition created some extraordinary photos of things we see every day. Sometimes they are made very big, sometimes just noticed.

2013-3-siwanowicz-desmids-mandalaA single-cell algae, called desmids. Image by Igor Siwanowicz.

2013-4-walker-lily-bud-large-fileAnd this is a cross-section of a lilly bud by Spike Walker.

Have a wonderful weekend seeing things in a new way!

-Quinn McDonald is amazed at how other people see the same world.