71 thoughts on “The New Logo

  1. I’m a little late to the party but here’s my two cents. 🙂 I’m afraid i’am not a fan….sigh… i wanna be , because i know you are happy with it. But i find it very cold and impersonal . But i guess it depends on how you are trying to come across… I mean i guess in just the business world that would be okay. But it is a completely different vibe from your original one. Is that what you are going for? You seem much more approachable with the other one. Hugs!deb

    • There is no requirement to love it. I like it because I have a bare-bones esthetic is everything from my art to my clothing. The other one caused me no amount of explaining when I handed it out. “Do you still write with a pencil?” “If you are a writer, shouldn’t you have something else besides a pencil?” “Is this to prove you are older and don’t like change?” (Yikes, I heard that one several times!) A lot of time I just got people looking at the front and not turning it over, and then they’d call me Ms. Quinn. So it had some problems on its own. This one has my name in navy blue on the front, with a nice graphic that happens to be a Q. Easily understood, not a lot to think about. Turn it over and you get contact information. So as a business card, it works. I hope I make enough of an impression on people I give it to so they know I’m approachable and friendly.

  2. I love this new logo, Quinn, exactly as you and Michael have designed it! It’s smart, sophisticated, and open – just like you …

  3. The Q is perfect. Simple yet elegant, precise, fresh in color and design, even metaphorical. Looks like a card I would remember receiving, even take a moment to examine – certainly pluses for a business card. And it feels just right for you. Nicely done.

  4. Fascinating comments, Quinn. You have such an informed and engaged following. It was such a pleasure working with you on this project. Please let me know if I can help you further. Congrats on the new logo!

        • Awww, Michael. I’ll always remember your fabulous response when we were both doing an art festival in North Carolina. Someone came into my booth and told me my work was “unnatural.” As I listened to her, I heard a lot of fear and confusion about art. I told you about the odd conversation and you smiled and said, “This must be her first time around.” It was such a clear understanding of reincarnation and our place in it.

  5. Interesting comments today . . as always. I wonder if others read them all? That’s by the by though.

    I really like the look for the business world, particularly the clean lines and colours with your name in navy on the green plus fading white. I’d like you email right under your name in bold white (none of this flipping back and forth which I assume I’d need to do). It says writer but not artist . . . but I guess that’s not its purpose. And like Lynn, I want to rotate the Q a just few degrees . . . put a little cross on the tail and it becomes a female symbol and my pencil holding fingers are itching to do just that.

  6. I like the new design and I like the old design. They are very different from each other, which is exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Change is always hard but we will all get used to the new logo.

    I definitely saw the Q immediately on the new logo so I think that works great. It’s clean, straight-forward and looks professional. I’m not quite sure about the “tool kit” but that’s probably because I’m not a writer. I wonder if you could make the line in the Q a clean-looking pencil (not the same pencil you already used) for the “writer” cards. Just an idea that popped into my head.

    Good work and good eye!

    • I loved the old design, too, and leaving that pencil was a really hard choice. And the “tool kit” one will probably not make it to the printer, as so many people here didn’t get the connection. And frankly, after a lot of backing and forthing, my gut reaction to the Q means it’s a good choice.

      I love all the ideas people have had–you guys are SO imaginative!

  7. I will miss the pencil. Perhaps you could include it as the “i” in Quinn as a nod to the past. Overall I like the card the “Q” and the colours. Very clean and “green”.

  8. Quinn, it ALL looks so fresh and smart, so 21st century! LOVE it, the colors, everything! However, i do agree with a few other commenters that the card with the additional letters is probably the weakest and maybe just a little misleading. I still enjoy it.
    The Q works well as an image, suggesting not only the on/off button, but also clockwise motion which ends in a fullness. There’s also a symbolic nod to the ouroboros, which is simply magical: the eternal return!

    • ok, Liz, you are the psychic of the day! I have always loved the ouroboros, and wear a ring that is one. I thought of it for the logo, because of the endless return and re-generation, but finally decided against being super-obvious because a lot of people have a thing with snakes. Even think they represent demons. But I do love the new look.

  9. I like it a lot and I saw the “Q” right away. I like the green, with your name in blue. It does look clean and professional, and the colors have a slightly feminine touch, which is a good thing. My only negative is that I don’t think it identifies you as a writer. I like the concept of the symbols on the back, but I would eliminate numbers and add more punctuation symbols–they don’t jump out the way you wanted them to and they should! Why not add editor’s symbols?? Plus, obviously, you need your title and contact information!

    • There are two card choices, showing the fronts only. I did not want my phone number that easily picked up by spambots. My “tool kit” as a writer is all the letters, the numbers from 0 to 9 (after that, they just repeat) and the punctuation marks. Editors’ marks, like the pencil, are used less and less with Track Changes available in Word.

      The reason I chose QuinnCreative as a company name was that it didn’t limit me. It didn’t say Writer, Silversmith (which I was at the time), beader (which I also was)Papermaker (which I’ve also been), Instructor, Instructional Developer, or Paper Artist (which I am now). It just says “Creative.” And I like that. No limits.

  10. I like the second rendition; the one with the Q and your name in blue. Your name pops from the card. If that’s your concern and reason for changing, you should go with that one. I’m of the same mind as some of the others about the third version. I like the idea and the looks of it but it confuses me.
    Congratulations for taking a leap. Making a change can be hard. Adjusting to change can be hard too.
    You could always change your last name to “Creative” :grins: in the event you decide NOT to change…

    • A reason for changing is hard–I found the old logo “tired,” “dated,” and a bit horsey, at least on a card. At first thought it was just the proportion, but it looked great on letterhead, not so much on a card. The hot colors also have worn on me. And the last reason–I can always change the background color to refresh the logo,without changing the logotype itself. (See choices I just posted at the bottom of the blog).

          • Really? Creative is your given name…don’t fool around with me! I’ve always fallen for stuff like that.
            I’m happy to see you haven’t ditched the pencil all together. It’s still on the comments. hooray.

          • Sadly, “Creative” is not my middle name. I use my birth name (I hate the term “maiden name”) as my middle name. I had to do it for a driver’s license in on state, and it was easier to keep me on the voting records if all my identity cards use the same name.

          • You have much more freedom than we do with names. When you are born here you bacome Name Surname and when you get married you legally become Name Surname de Husbandssurname. “De” meaning “of”.
            A few years ago birth names changed to Name Surname Motherssurname. Not sure if it is mandatory or not.

          • All that freedom also results in children names “Moon Unit” and “Dweezil” (Frank Zappa’s kids). But that’s fine. I thought it was important to keep one name the same throughout my life, largely for Social Security purposes. I’ve seen the “De” before, both for mother’s surnames and father’s. I like the idea. I think the whole thing about kids last names could be fixed this way.

  11. I saw the on/off button before reading the post, so it is effective in conveying that and I loved the concept. That green is not a colour I¨d associate you with yet. Maybe something to do with the rest of the site or that we´ve seen the yellow for so long. I like it anyway. <– I know that is not a techie explanation, only a gut reaction for what it is worth.
    The second one, not so much. I like the design from the aesthetic point of view but I don´t see "writer" in it. Again the reason might be I´m not your target niche and I don´t interpret things the same way.

    • The On/Off Q was a side idea of Michael’s, and the instant I saw it, I loved it more than the original idea with the writing. The Q with the letters might also peg me too much as a writer, and I have a lot more to offer. This one says “GO!” And I do want a card that is a bit more universal than the corporate world, where I am a distinct outsider.

  12. I love your new image! Clean and simple but so powerful at the same time. I am not so keen on the green background but can’t think of a different colour that I think would make any more sense than the green. Maybe a rainbow effect? Or maybe that would take away from the power of the Q.

  13. Sorry, no-go for me. A Q doesn’t have a straight line on it, so your logo doesn’t look like a Q at all to me. It looks like a button. I uyouor pencil/name logo much better. What is wrong with needing to know your full name? It isn’t that difficult to find you.

    • No need to apologize, Lynn, no logotype is going to please everyone. And you are right, it does look like a button. Many sans-serif typefaces have Qs that look like O’s with a stick. I didn’t like them at all. But when Michael re-created this, it worked for me. And it is completely fine that it doesn’t work for you. It’s brave to stick to your convictions!

  14. I have to admit I really loved your original card, it stands out and is so creative. It really sticks in my mind and gave you a very memorable brand quickly. What about putting your full name in the pencil? However, I do understand your reasoning to change since your are working in a corporate environment. I like the Q although it immediately made me think “Oprah”. I do not think this design has the power to stand out and quickly brand you like the other one did and you are still selling creativity. I don’t not like the new one, it’s just that it seems like just another corporate logo.

    • You are free to not like it. After all, I did ask for opinions! Any design will evoke different reactions. The real reason I changed it is because I have a very strong, simple-loving esthetic. I’ve done posts that turn away from “layers and layers,” I’ve never loved big, crowded pages, and I wanted to get back to something I could understand. The other logo was lovely for its time, I thought it showed “creativity,” but I was always a bit torn by the very bright colors, which are just not me.

  15. Love the unique color and the clean, crisp appearance! Perfect for your corporate work. The toolkit version looks a bit confusing to me but I’m of an older generation who sees it as some kind of code. If a discerning recipient asked about it, the resulting conversation would firmly place you in their mind.

  16. I think the Q is great. I read power’ful’ as soon as I saw it. I love the green as well. Cool and fresh in that hot desert sun, like new growth.

  17. Much more corporate! (I mean that in a good way). I’m also not sure about the toolkit card; technical people could be likely to think you do digital security and cryptography. You’re going to need another blog!

    • I agree with Jane’s comments. (I am also a logo designer so like to think I am very discerning where logos are concerned.;-) all the best with your new logo… green is a calm serene and a creative colour…orange on the other hand is a ground breaking innovative colour for fresh new ideas

  18. When i first started reading i was going to suggest a more battered up pencil. Then as i read more of your reasoning and saw your new logo i thought yes; it’s perfect!

    • Simple answer: it’s the color of most of my cacti–a desert green I love. It signifies growth, nature, ecological thinking (the cards will be printed by a “green” printer). And it is a color VERY seldom used in logos. Oh, and it goes well with Navy blue.

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