Being Yourself

We want to work like a CEO, delegate like the managing partner of a law firm, produce wonderful art like whoever is popular right now and smile like a Orbits chewing gum commercial.

Become-who-you-areWe rarely want to be just like ourselves. Flawed, working hard, trying to be better is wonderful. It keeps us busy and mindful of change. But when we always aspire to be better, smarter, cooler, and other-than-us, we don’t get to be ourselves very much.

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself,” Miles Davis said.

It takes time to discover all the parts of you, sort them out, and make something of them. The best way to do that is to focus on the parts of you, instead of comparing the parts to someone else and falling short. Focusing on the you that exists already helps you discover who you are, what you like, what you want to do with your talent. Comparing yourself to others shows you what you are not, what you lack.

And lack is the home of the inner critic. Bring out The Assembler of the Pieces of You as an inner hero and celebrate all the parts of you that are marvelous.

Quinn McDonald is the author of The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal. She’s happy she wrote the book. It’s not a fast-riser on the New York Times best-seller list, but the reviews on are amazingly thoughtful. People are being themselves when they comment. Nothing could be better.



15 thoughts on “Being Yourself

  1. *happy blush* Thanks Quinn!
    Here is the original map I made almost 2 years ago, crediting you with the blank card concept:
    I am working now on a different one, with me in the centre and the Spanish / local scene on one side and the English / international on the other. The visual is powerful as I actually see what I had the intuition of: what is the main focus and what are interesting detours.

  2. Sometimes I struggle with that one. I was asked the other day where I grew up. I knew that they were really asking where I spent my childhood and that certainly wasn’t when I did my growing up . . . here I am in my mid 60s and still growing. I’ve never thought that becoming grown up is a single point in our lives. I think it’s when we can be all of our Self all the time, to be able to hold on to it under pressure. ( Heheheh I can’t write or say those last two words without Queen playing in the background! That’s me being me.)

  3. Paula, I never considered a map of me. It’s an intriguing idea….It makes me wonder what it would look like. Is this a concept from the book you mentioned?

  4. I´m currently fascinated by “I am what I do” by Ray Bradbury, which I like so much better in the Spanish version than the original one in English.
    I´m working on a new “map of me” on the dining room wall, with just snippets of ideas. Lots of things that I loose track of when I only think of them because they intertwin and diverge.

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