Saturday Creative Clip (Apr.12.14)

This Saturday, we are taking a look at paper artists who do precise and interesting work. Meg Hitchock creates collages that capture sacred texts by cutting up other sacred texts.

meg-1-600x766“Art is the true religion,” Meg said in an interview on the Daily Art Muse.  The piece above is made of individual letters cut out of the Bible, Koran, and Kabbalah.

Detail of the above piece.

Detail of the above piece.

Details of the winding type that makes up the page. The Brooklyn artists says, (via the bio on her website):

“In my series Mantras & Meditations, I examine and deconstruct the word of God as interpreted through the world religions. I select passages from holy books and cut the letters from one passage to form the text of another. For example, I may cut up a passage from the Old Testament of the Bible and reassemble it as a passage from the Bhagavad Gita, or I may use type from the Torah to recreate an ancient Tantric text. A continuous line of text forms the words and sentences in a run-on manner, without spaces or punctuation, creating a visual mantra of devotion.”

The patience it must take to create these pieces is astonishing. So are the results.

Rogan Brown cuts images from paper. Another work of patience and precision. His work comes from the natural world. Below is the 2013 work, “Kernel.”

1400x720-C9IsgKestrjw8sFNBrown is fascinated with both repetitive patterns and scales that vary,  “from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from individual cells to large scale geological formations.”

"Swirl" © Rogan Brown

“Swirl” © Rogan Brown

His individual works take months to creative.

Annie Vought cuts paper letters. Not one at a time, but she cuts epistolary art–whole letters, written in the fast-vanishing penmanship, and cut out.

I believe handwritten records are fragments of individual histories… A letter is physical confirmation of who we were at the moment it was written, or all we have left of a person or a period of time. –Annie Vought. She also uses texts, letters, and emails she has received to make her art.

Have a creative weekend!
–Quinn McDonald admires  thepatience and vision of paper artists

3 thoughts on “Saturday Creative Clip (Apr.12.14)

  1. Amazing work . . . I simply do not have that kind of patience. I was going to say “or dedication” but that isn’t true. Dedication I have in spades but just not for this kind of detailed work. I looked at Meg Hitchcock’s blog and loved the irony of Comma Sutra.

    Another 3 visual feasts with my Sunday morning coffee . . . thanks Quinn.

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